Community Good Friday Service

Rev. James Enns

The Three Hills School auditorium had a very large congregation of adherents from most of the area churches gathered for the annual Community Good Friday Service.

The service this year was organized under the leadership of the Prairie College and included College staff and pastors from the various churches reading nine passages from the Passion accounts in the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 26 through 27 and from Isaiah 53.

The worship band led the congregation in nine hymns telling in song the wondrous paradox of this which we call Good Friday, the death of the Saviour and the Salvation to mankind.

Rev. James Enns presented his homily under the title “King’s Cross” and developed the unique signs of the Matthew account emphasizing the darkness that came over the land, the veil in the temple being torn from top to bottom, and the earthquake and opening of the graves.

The offering received this year goes to the Palliative Care Society towards replacing furniture in the sitting room adjacent to the palliative care facility.