Prairie College hosts annual ACSI Western Musicale

ACSI Musicale 2019

The ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) held their much anticipated annual Western Musicale at Prairie College May 2 and 3.

The wrap-up concert, featuring the combined Junior and Senior bands and choirs of 10 schools, took place in both the Rick Down Athletic Centre and the North Auditorium. Close to 370 students plus conductors and directors and a number of other volunteers, came to Three Hills from Prince George, Abbotsford, Lethbridge, Taber, Calgary, Spruce Grove and Airdrie.

The program included the usual band selections that demonstrated the range of style and difficulty that the musicians must master, and also presented two “novelty” items of percussion in the “Funky Buckets” and “Clap Trap” ensembles.

In the choral presentations, there were two numbers by the Jazz Ensemble as well as the mass choir pieces.

The “marvel” and mastery of this concert is expressed by the conductors/directors inasmuch as each school is presented before-hand with the pieces that will be featured and they are rehearsing in preparation to coming together as one mass choir.

Prairie Christian Academy students were not participants. They had recently been involved in the Kneehill Museum Fundraising Supper and the Prairie Fine Arts Gala.