Three Hills Arts Academy presents “A Night on Broadway”

Night Broadway 2019

The Three Hills Arts Academy 2019 performances of “A Night on Broadway” will bring many familiar names and some new ones to the stage to entertain one and all. With a cast and crew of 18, bringing 16 numbers from the late 50’s and early 60’s, SOME of the audience are sure to find several “wanna-sing-along” tunes.

The show may be one of your favourite TV musical variety shows you never heard of before. Not Arthur Godfrey, Perry Como, or Ed Sullivan, but rather we will take in the “Meteor Records’ Galaxy Showcase” with your host “Tony Martindale”.

Directors Brad and Tina Harback are pleased to present the following in various roles: Mana Yamashita, Daryl Wilson, Jill White, Alyssa White, Jonquil Thiessen, Jono Thiessen, Darta Thiessen, Luke Reinhardt, Brad Luijkx, Josh Laplante, Cherie Laplante, Kaitlyn Kern, Tina Harback, Paige Harback, Max Harback, Brad Harback, Alyssa Church, and Sheila Adkins.