Town rallies in remembrance

Rembrance Day Service 2019

A very moving Remembrance Day Service was held at the Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church on Monday, November 11.

There were 11 wreaths presented representing Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments and local Service Organizations and nine wreaths presented by family members in honour of their veterans.

The brief homily, offered by the pastor Tom Peachey Jr, was refreshing in that he did speak of the “peace OF God” and illustrated it from the story of David and Goliath when Jesse sends David to the battle site with a gift of cheeses and tells David to “See how your brothers are and bring back some assurance from them”. The KJV uses the words “Look how thy brothers FARE”. The word “fare” is the Hebrew word “Shalom” which we think of as “Peace” ... But not as the dictionary meaning for “Peace” gives it as in “absence of conflict” but rather “Things as they should be”.

I found that interesting and so much richer than either the KJV or NIV would suggest.

A short time at the Cenotaph allowed Three Hills Canadian Legion Branch #92 Chaplain and PCA teacher - Michael Robertson, to assure those assembled that from his observations of students that he has had on trips to Europe and the responses he sees from them and those who welcome them, that there is no fear that there is a likelihood that coming generations will forget the sacrifices of those who have given their lives or bear the scars of wartime and peacetime service.