PCA staff celebrate graduating Class of 2020

PCA 2020 Grad Parade

The staff at Prairie Christian Academy (PCA), in Three Hills, took a different approach to celebrate their grad class last week, parading throughout town to deliver grad memorabilia to the students. June 25/26 would normally have been the banquet and convocation to wrap up the year, but of course were not possible due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19. As a group, the staff, students and parents decided to push the festivities off to the fall in hopes of being able to hold the events as close to normal as allowed. However, the staff at PCA wanted to still celebrate their graduating students in some manner on the day they should have been having their banquet. Principal Darryl Hern heard about an idea from another school where the staff did a “reverse parade” and visited each grad at their house. He brought the idea to staff and it was decided this would be a good way to honour the students. Mr. Hern contacted parents to have them ensure kids would be home during the time frame of the event, but details were kept confidential as much as possible to maintain the surprise. Arrangements were made for out of town students to be in Three Hills at friends or families so that they could be included as well.

Thursday afternoon, the staff decorated their vehicles and proceeded out to the scheduled route, cheering, honking horns and making as much of a spectacle as possible. At each stop, Associate Principal Denise Lockhart placed a graduation lawn sign while Principal Hern gave each grad their cap, gown and tassel. Designated staff took pictures of each grad and their sign while everyone cheered the students on. At the house of the Dean of the Men’s Dorm, Floyd Cotton, the staff placed signs for all of the International Students who were, of course, not able to be in attendance.

A great time was had by all throughout the three hour tour, and parents and staff both relayed how awesome it was to still be able to celebrate the grad class in a meaningful way despite the current restrictions.