A Seussified Christmas Carol Review

2020 Seussified Cast Photo

The Three Hills Arts Academy presentation of “A Seussified Christmas Carol” performed by the Kneehill Area Youth under the directorship of Tiffany Dietz added two additional shows so that there were 10 performances all together.

“Enthusiasm” is the first word that came to my mind as I watched the actors assume their roles as they appeared on stage. With a cast and crew of 40 young people (some altering between major and minor roles depending on the performance, and some playing more than one part during a show,) it could be readily observed that there were some veterans among them. Reading through the program notes several names stand out as having been in previous Arts Academy plays. Others, whose names I was not familiar with, obviously have had acting experience before this. On the other hand there were also several “first time” performers and their enthusiasm indicated that they will be on stage in other shows.

The young people, from grades 3 to 12 from Acme, Huxley, Linden, Trochu, and the Home Schoolers, and students from Prairie Christian Academy and Three Hills School presented what could be termed a “zany” retelling of the old familiar story of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The story plot line was the same but very much “modernized” with some Seussified twists. Everything from the narrators’ to the actors’ lines were in Dr. Seussified rhyme, (which meant taking some literary license with the English language) and even the Director, Tiffany Dietz tried her hand at giving her welcome and instructions in rhyme.

The costuming and stage setting also had that Seussified look.

Everything about the show had the same quality about it that has brought forth that comment over and over again concerning the presentation of the Three Hills Arts Academy. Observers say: “That was equal to anything you would see in the large cities”. I think it is what one could expect when we have such great volunteers, whether directors, actors, or stage hands and crew when it is the passion for theatre that drives them and they put their whole heart into it.