Local Author Phil Callaway publishes 28th book

Phil Callaway Book

Local author and humourist Phil Callaway has recently published his 28th book, Laugh like a Kid Again: Live Without Regret and Leave Footsteps Worth Following, which was released this past summer.

Callaway observed that as we age and experience difficulties, we tend to laugh less, worry more and see the negatives in life. Children, however, are full of laughter. Callaway said, “In my lifetime I don’t remember a time when we’ve been so short of good cheer. I’ve had at least a dozen people tell me, “This is perfect for COVID.” I guess we could all use a little comfort and joy right now. That’s been my mission for a long time. In fact, I got into comedy to cheer my mother up. I didn’t think I’d make a living doing it, but that’s what has happened. When I was five or so, I told her, “I wanna grow up and be a comedian.” She said, “You can’t do both.” She was right. Each day I go looking for things that make me laugh and pass them along.”

Coincidentally, Callaway finished the book before the COVID-19 pandemic began, but now sees the book as a valuable resource for everyone struggling to find joy in these current circumstances. He says “I finished writing it just before Christmas a year ago, three months before COVID put a crimp in all of our hoses. In hindsight I’m surprised that many of the stories involve courage in the face of fear, anxiety and hardship. But responses indicate it’s been timely for people who are discouraged and lonely.”

Although he’s already a prolific writer and world-renown speaker, this is Callaway’s first book which combines humour with living with purpose and leaving no regrets behind. He says “I guess I’m finally old enough to write about leaving our regrets behind and leaving the right stuff behind. I haven’t done that before. At this age I think I’m still immature enough to write humour and old enough to add some wisdom to it.”

Each of the book’s short chapters is dedicated to a life-lesson, usually told with a humorous story or encounter from Callaway’s life. For Callaway, the process of “laughing like a kid again” involves his grandchildren, whose stories and humourous observations about life are frequent throughout the book.

When asked about his motivation for writing the book, Callaway says “I guess I’m a storyteller, and I wanted to compile the best stories I’ve encountered over the past few years in hopes they’d cheer people up and bring a shot of joy to readers. I’m always surprised when that happens. David in Dallas just sent me an email to say his wife has been experiencing headaches, but when she heard him laughing, she said, “Read it to me.” He said, “She’s been laughing so hard that her headache is gone.” So that’s kinda cool. They’re saving money on meds. I’m all for that.”

Six months into circulation, Laugh like a Kid Again has recently been chosen as 100 Huntley Street’s January book of the month. Callaway says “I can’t believe the response. We are mailing tons of copies each day. The post office is tired of us…I’m very grateful.”