Town rallies in remembrance

A very moving Remembrance Day Service was held at the Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church on Monday, November 11.

There were 11 wreaths presented representing Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments and local Service Organizations and nine wreaths presented by family members in honour of their veterans.

The brief homily, offered by the pastor Tom Peachey Jr, was refreshing in that he did speak of the “peace OF God” and illustrated it from the story of David and Goliath when J

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2018-2019 Three Hills School Junior/Senior Academic, Arts & Athletic Awards

2018-2019 Three Hills School Junior/Senior Academic, Arts & Athletic Award Winners - October 25th, 2019.

Grade 7 Honour Roll Medals - Taya Brietzke, Kayle Lammle, Serena Buchert, Kohen McKiernan, Adriel Calverley, Hayley Reeds, Kailey Cinnamon, Quinn Richardson, Michael Dabrowski, Alexa Rosgen, Cheyenne Ferguson, Samantha Trentham, Lola Ferguson, Jonas Van Otterloo.

Grade 7 Subject Awards: Language Arts - Cheyenne Ferguson, Mathematics - Cheyenne Ferguson, Science - Cheyenne Ferguson, Socia

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Arts Academy presents Night on Broadway

The Three Hills Arts Academy fall production of Night on Broadway, was built around the theme of it being a late 50’s early 60’s TV Variety show presented as the (fictional) “Mercury Records Galaxy Showcase” highlighting their “Constellation of Stars”. The lineup of ‘stars’ assumed personas pretending to be recording stars. In reality some of the performers sounded to me as though they could be recording artists today.

The variety of numbers and s

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Three Hills Arts Academy presents “A Night on Broadway”

The Three Hills Arts Academy 2019 performances of “A Night on Broadway” will bring many familiar names and some new ones to the stage to entertain one and all. With a cast and crew of 18, bringing 16 numbers from the late 50’s and early 60’s, SOME of the audience are sure to find several “wanna-sing-along” tunes.

The show may be one of your favourite TV musical variety shows you never heard of before. Not Arthur Godfrey, Perry Como, or Ed Sullivan, but rather

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