On the evening of Saturday, February 18, eight talented contestants battled it out for bragging rights at the Chili Cook-Off at the Swalwell Hall hosted by the Swalwell Community Association Event.

Winner Wilma Fyten, Second Place Bert Dykstra and Third TaraLee Gall were victorious as voted by the crowd attending. Proceeds from the event will support Kneehill Victim Services, who also provided information on their community involvement.

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Three Hills Arts Academy presents

“The Nerd” written by Larry Shue and being performed at the Three Hills Arts Academy from Feb. 9 through to the 11th, and from the 16th to the 18th, is almost too complicated to try to outline here.

But the real story is the great performances of all of the cast… and behind-the-scenes crew.

To speak to the story, imagine if you will, what might develop if a young architect with dreams of designing THE epitome of a structure that would be the talk of fellow architects. But ins

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The Nerd was written by Larry Shue who also wrote “The Foreigner”.

Playing at the Three Hills Academy, February 9-11 and 16-18 under the direction of Floyd Cotton, it is guaranteed to bring loads of laughs.

For the relatively short time I sat in on the rehearsal, I reflected on how this ‘comedy’ is presented. There are of course the lines that the playwright provides in the script. Then there are the suggested actions and changes the director will come up with. And then

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Commander Sergeant Jamie Day receives Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal

Three Hills RCMP Detachment Commander Sergeant Jamie Day and his spouse, Amanda Day, attended an award ceremony in Cochrane Alberta. Commander Sergeant Day was nominated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Alberta.

“During his service with the Alberta Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he has demonstrated to be dedicated to the service of all Albertans, through his professional and personal commitment. While exemplifying the core values of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he has contribu

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