2022-2023 Three Hills School Junior/Senior Academic, Arts & Athletic Award Winners

Grade 7 Honour Roll Medals Sponsored by Junior High Student Council

Keisha Bacalan, Charlie Guynn, Sophia Barr, Callie Hooson, Luke Bernier, Keinen Koehler, Bonnie Carney, Beckett Lendvay, Oscar Chari, Ainsleigh McKiernan, Isla Day, Holt Richardson, Lou Dela Cruz, Eunice Sanchez, Samuel Dewitt, Rayan Sikander, Carter Evans, Junmu Son, Delia Ferguson, Olivia Swinamer, Amy-Rose Gorr.

Grade 7 Subject Awards Sponsored by Three Hills School

Language Arts - Eunice Sanchez

Mathematics - Oscar Chari


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Three Hills Arts Academy Cast Members Prepare For ‘80’s Night At The Movies’

​​From the very first number, a person could tell that the Three Hills Arts Academy’s Night on Broadway production, ‘80’s Night at the Movies’ is going to be a jam-packed program of energetic song and dance and acting. As with “Hallmark’s programming, when the commercials” are as entertaining as the story, the audience will find that the sponsors’ ads are going to be entertaining as well. Many of the performers are veterans of the Arts Academy pro

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Carbon Ag Society Hosts 'Farm Day'

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, the Carbon Ag Society in conjunction with the Carbon School, held an event at the school for Grades K to 6. The theme for the event was Agriculture.

Carbon Ag Society President Dustin Furst and Vice President Blake Penner explained to the students how farming works, and how many different farms there are in the world, and showed them the equipment used for a farm that helps with Grain Farming and Ranching. There were stations set up with fertilizer samples, chemic

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Prairie Christian Academy To Host 18th Annual Fundraiser Banquet

The 18th Annual Prairie Christian Academy fundraising banquet will occur on Saturday, October 21 at Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church. The annual event, which initially started to raise funds for the athletics program at PCA, provides funding for multiple aspects of the Three Hills-based Christian school operating with the Golden Hills School division. The funding has been used in the past, to enhance our community by adding a new playground, basketball court, baseball diamond, Transit van,

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