Acme February 12, 2014

Next Council Meetings will be: February 24th @ 6:30 PM

• 2014 Dog & Cat Licenses are due: Unaltered $30.00, Altered is $15.00. As per Bylaw 2005-03, license fees are due on or before the 31st day of January. As of February 1st, fees are doubled. The fine for not having a license is $250.00.

• Business Licences for 2014 are now due at the cost of $5.00.

Tues./Thurs./Sat. – 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
➲ A reminder that ONLY BAGGED GARBAGE will be picked up. Please have your garbage out for pick up on Wednesdays by 8:00 AM. 6 bag limit, not too heavy.
The Village Office now has the sign-up forms to email our Utility bills. If you want your bill emailed to you, come and fill out a form. Please contact the office @ (403) 546-3783 for more info.

We realize that this has been an unusual year for snow, but now that the weather is nicer, we are asking the residents of Acme to please clear their sidewalks (the front as well as the side of your property if applicable) of snow and ice. The residents of our community need to have a safe place to walk. We also realize that there will be melting down the sidewalks due to the large amounts of snow on the boulevards, but please try to keep your sidewalks clear. The safety of our residents is a high priority.

BYLAW 93-1
A Bylaw for the purpose of compelling all persons to remove and clear away all snow, ice, dirt and other obstructions from sidewalks.
... "1. That all persons within the Village of Acme are hereby compelled to remove all snow, ice, dirt and other obstructions from sidewalks situated on land adjoining the property owned or occupied by them..."