Carbon August 28, 2013

Next Council Meeting: Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 7:00 PM

CARBON SWIMMING POOL – August 25 to September 2
MONDAY 26, TUESDAY 27: 1 to 8 public swim
WEDNESDAY 28, THURDAY 29, FRIDAY 30: 5 to 8 public swim
SATURDAY 31, SUNDAY Sept 1, MONDAY Sept 2; 1 to 8 public swim

SENIORS OUTREACH IN CARBON – If you are in need of assistance regarding programs, support, help with filling out forms (federal, provincial, etc.) - contact your Community Relations Coordinator, Terry Schlinker or the main Seniors Outreach office at (403) 443-2555.

CARBON FARMERS' EXCHANGE MUSEUM – Open for the summer! Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Presenting the Carbon Murder Mystery Scenes and learn about one of Canada's oldest unsolved murder cases. Come and relax in the Heritage Garden and browse through the gift shop. Admission is Free. Sunday is by appointment only please contact:  Sam (403) 572-3618, Bob (403) 572-3697 or Marvel (403) 572-3801.

RECYCLING – We have two bins placed downtown for recycling. One is for Newsprint ONLY and the other for flattened Cardboard ONLY. Magazines and anything glossy MUST be placed in a plastic bag in order to be put in the Newspaper bin. If not, the Newspaper bin will likely be pulled.

CUTTING GRASS – Please help Carbon look its best for our summer season by cutting your lawn, controlling your weeds and beautifying your yard. Remember back alleys and boulevards are just like sidewalks in the winter, we ask that you please take care of. Village of Carbon Public Works can by bylaw, cut your grass should it become unsightly and the cost will be charged to the property owner.

TOOLS FOR SCHOOL – Unfortunately, the price of school supplies can be a dreaded thought when faced with expenses that strain an already tight budget. If your family is facing financial challenges feel free to contract us to access school supplies for your child/children.  All donations in the Kneehill area stay in the Kneehill area.  To benefit from this program or donate please call Village of Carbon at 403-572-3244 or Kneehill office at 403-443-3800 or 403-443-0793.

CARBON'S AMAZING FAMILIES – Wednesday, October 2, 2013. This is limited to 14 registered families. If you wish to register please contact the Village Office 572-3244. More details to follow.