Carbon June 25, 2014

NEXT COUNCIL MEETING – Monday, June 30, 2014 at 7:00 PM.

REMINDER – Unsightly Premises: means any property or part of it that exhibits visual evidence of a lack of general maintenance, clean-up and upkeep, including the excessive accumulation on the premises of:
a) Garbage, animal or human excrement, sewage, the whole or a part of an animal carcass, dirt, soil, gravel, rocks, petroleum products, hazardous materials, disassembled equipment or machinery, broken household chattels or goods;
b) The whole or any part of any vehicle or vehicles which are not registered with the Motor Vehicle Registry, removed parts or missing equipment or any vehicles which are otherwise not in a roadworthy condition
c) Animal material, building material, garbage and yard material as defined in this Bylaw, or
d) Any other form of scrap, litter, trash, junk or waste of any kind
**Every owner or occupant of any property or premises within the Village shall eradicate or control all weeds and grass on the premises and on any boulevard which abuts or adjoins the premises, including up to the center of lanes or alleys at the rear or side of the premises.

CARBON CENTENNIAL POOL – Pool is now OPEN. Please call 572-0006 for lesson schedule, public swim time, and fees.

CARBON SKATEPARK – June 28, Movie night at the Curling Rink. "Against the Wild"; start time 8:30 PM, $5 admission includes hotdog, popcorn and a pop.

PET LICENSES – BYLAW 2013-785; Part II Licensing; 4.5 Every person who resides in the Village who becomes an Owner of an Animal that is over the age of three(3) months, shall apply for a License, within fifteen(15) days of becoming the Owner of such an Animal or of taking up residence in the Village. 4.8 The Owner shall ensure that any Animal owned by him/her is wearing its Tag, which is to be securely fastened on the Dog or Cat collar when off the Owners Property. Animal licenses can be purchased at the Village office $35 spayed/neutered; $45 unaltered. Part III, 5.1 Excessive Barking a) The Owner or any other person having care of control of an Animal or Restricted Dog shall ensure it does not bark in a manner that is reasonably likely to annoy or disturb the peace.

VILLAGE OF CARBON BYLAW 2013-783 – Off-highway/Prohibited Vehicle Permits. A person who wishes to operate an off-highway/prohibited vehicle within the Village shall pay a permit fee of $20 and obtain a permit provided that the person: i) is at least 14 years of age; ii) holds a valid Class 5 License or Class 7 (learners permit); iii) a certificate which establishes that the person has liability insurance up to a minimum of $200,000. Permits are available at the Village office.