Kneehill County February 27, 2013

Farmer Pesticide Certificate Tutorial
Held At the Kneehill County Office
March 14th 2013
The Farmer Pesticide Certificate course consists of seven
modules covering the areas of Pesticides, Poisoning and First
Aid, Safe Handling Procedures, Environmental Safety, Integrated
Pest Management, Legislation and Food Safety, Pesticide
Application and Equipment. In addition to this are two
"endorsements" the Pest Control in Stored Grain and the
Exterior Rodent Control endorsement. Only the stored Grain
endorsement is required for using phostoxin or gastoxin to control
stored grain insects. Although there is an endorsement for
exterior rodent control, this is not currently a requirement for
using strychnine to control Richardson Ground squirrels. The
primary purpose of the course is to inform producers on
important issues related to using pest control products.
Certificates have a five year working period.
This program is under the Department of Environment auspices.
It is required that exams take place where they can be proctored
so that rules out any on line testing. Alberta Agriculture is involved
in keeping the database of existing certificates and the issuing of
new certificates as producers successfully complete the courses
and exams. County agricultural fieldmen are the primary contact
for producers to talk to about getting a certificate.
For more information and to obtain a copy of the Core Modules
and Endorsement Modules of your choice go to the agriculture
page on the County Web Site
To register please call the Kneehill County ASB office