Linden Notices - February 2, 2022


Monday, February 14, 2022 Regular Council Meeting at the Village Office @ 7:00 pm

Monday, February 28, 2022 Regular Council Meeting at the Village Office @ 7:00 pm

Join the meeting via Zoom. Visit for the link & call in information.

SIDEWALK CLEARING REMINDER – Please remember that it is your responsibility as the owner or occupant of any premises abutting a sidewalk to clear away any snow and ice from the front and side of the abutting sidewalk within forty-eight (48) hours after the time that snow or ice is deposited and formed on the sidewalk. This applies to both residents and businesses – Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw 2020-04. Contravention of this bylaw is a violation and may result in a $100.00 ticket from the Bylaw Officer.

FEDERATION OF CANADIAN MUNICIPALITIES – Canada and FCM invest in stronger asset management in Alberta communities.

With funding from MAMP: The Town of Oyen, the Village of Consort, the Town of Coronation, the Village of Carbon, the Village of Linden, the Village of Rockyford, the Village of Hussar, the Village of Standard, and the Town of Drumheller will advance asset management practices under the collaborative project: Palliser Regional Asset Management Project. This project will provide continued geographic information system (GIS) expertise, support and training to ensure the investment will continue to be valuable for years to come and give the municipalities the opportunity to improve their asset management practices.