Linden - December 23, 2015

OFFICE HOURS – The Village office will close at noon on December 24th, 2015 and reopen on January 4th, 2016 at 8:30 am for the Christmas holidays. If you have an emergency please call 403-888-2816.

GARBAGE DAY CHANGE – Tuesday Garbage pickup has started as of December 22nd, 2015 All garbage will be picked up on Tuesdays only. This is a permanent change. Commercial bin pickup will remain the same. If you have any questions, please contact the village office at 403-546-3888

CHRISTMAS LIGHT UP CONTEST – The Linden & District Business Assoc. would like to thank everyone who participated this year. Congratulations to the winners.
Best Overall: George Seifert Most Colourful: Lorne Van der Meer
Most Festive: Dennis DuPont Honorable Mention: Don Henry

COUNCIL MEETINGS – Regular meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7 PM will resume in January 2016. Public welcome.

NEED HELP AROUND THE HOUSE? – The village has a list of people willing to do odd jobs for a nominal fee, like raking leaves, shoveling snow, minor repairs, etc. If you would like a copy, just stop by the office and we'd be happy to give it to you.

SIDEWALK CLEANING – The owner or occupant of any premises abutting a sidewalk shall clear away all snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction from sidewalks situated on land adjoining the property owned or occupied by them within FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS after the time such snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction was deposited or formed on the sidewalk

WINTER GUIDELINES – Now that the snow has arrived we ask that the residents of the village take some proactive steps to help our Public Works department clear the snow more efficiently.
• Be sure that the access to your garbage container is clear of snow and ice on the collectors side
• Whenever possible, park your vehicles off the roadway to allow for the plows to clear as much snow as possible, especially in the cul-de-sacs as vehicles make it difficult to maneuver snow removal equipment
• Ensure that no vehicles are left on the street for more than 72 hours, as they could be towed, and it impedes the snow removal process
• Try to shovel as much snow from your sidewalk onto your lawn as possible.