Three Hills February 20, 2013

Take notice that the following permit for the proposed uses listed
below has been issued in accordance with the Land Use
Bylaw No. 1309-09 and any amendments thereto, of the Town
of Three Hills:
Home Occupation Permit Application No: 61/901.001/13 by
Jennifer Adams in connection with Osana for Life (Massage
Therapy) on Lot 9, Block 4 Plan 8211415 (1107 – 3rd Street
NE, Apt # 4) Land Use Classification: R-2 - Residential
District is approved with the following conditions:
1. That the Home Occupation permit is based solely on the
location of the use and will remain in effect, provided the
home based business does not change and all requirements
and conditions of the permit have been satisfied.
2. That the operation of the proposed use complies with the
conditions of other governing bodies, boards and entities or
agencies to make sure all requirements have been fulfilled.
The above permit shall become valid after a lapse of fourteen
(14) days from the date of the newspaper in which this notice
Anyone who feels prejudicially affected by this permit may
appeal the permit by filing notice of appeal by 4:00 PM Wednesday
February 20th, 2013 and paying the applicable fees. In the event
of an appeal being filed, all interested parties will be notified.
Further information regarding this permit may be obtained from
the Town Office at 135‑2nd Ave. S. Three Hills, Alberta.
Any person wishing to appeal this decision may do so in
writing to: The Secretary, Development Appeal Board, Box 610,
Three Hills, Alberta T0M 2A0.
Sherry Reid
Development Officer
Town of Three Hills