Three Hills Notices - September 27, 2017


Property taxes for the 2017 Taxation Year were due June 30, 2017 if you are not currently on the monthly payment program.

The following penalties will apply to the current year’s outstanding balance if your taxes remain unpaid after September 30, 2017:

October 1, 2017 5% Penalty

Please contact the Town Office at (403) 443-5822 for information on the payment methods available.



Take notice that the following permit for the proposed uses listed below has been issued in accordance with the Town of Three Hills Land Use Bylaw No. 1398-17 and any amendments thereto:

Class 2 Home Occupation Permit by Jenna Grawey for Haven Aesthetics (Spa) on Lot 3, Block 5, Plan 0111387 (809 – 1st Street SE) Land Use Classification R-1 – Residential District

The above permit shall become valid after a lapse of fourteen (14) days from the date of the newspaper in which this notice appears. Anyone who feels prejudicially affected by this permit may appeal the permit by filing notice of appeal by 4:00 PM Wednesday October 4th, 2017 and paying the applicable fees. In the event of an appeal being filed, all interested parties will be notified.

Further information regarding this permit may be obtained from the Town Office at 232 Main Street, Three Hills, Alberta. Any person wishing to appeal this decision may do so in writing to: The Secretary, Development Appeal Board, PO Box 610, Three Hills, Alberta T0M 2A0.

Development Officer

Town of Three Hills