Three Hills Notices - January 15, 2020


The Town of Three Hills is currently seeking applications from individuals interested in participating in the Economic Growth Committee.

The purpose of the Economic Growth Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to Council on matters of business retention and expansions, investment and attraction, tourism, marketing and community development. The committee will strive to create a positive business climate, thereby fostering new industry, employment opportunities and increased assessment. Key functions of this Committee include:

1. Advise and assist Council to accomplish economic development goals and objectives as outlined in the Economic Growth Strategic Plan, the Town of Three Hills Strategic Plan and the Integrated Sustainability Plan;

2. Recommend additional strategies, ideas and solutions related to economic development and tourism in the Town of Three Hills and area;

3. Initiate and advise on projects that support the Town’s economic development and tourism goals;

4. Serve as a conduit or collaboration channel to the public, business community or investors in support of development and prosperity of the business and tourism communities;

5. Review community needs related to economic development and tourism development and make recommendations to Council on what areas require enhancement and facilitation.

Applications can be found online at or picked up at the Town Office.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020