Three Hills Notices - August 5, 2020


July 28, 2020

Over the next 90 days the Town will be seeing an increased in construction throughout the community.

During this time there will be streets closed, traffic detours, water service interruptions and parking restrictions. Although considerable planning and notices will be provided to the public, there may be at times delays which our out of control of our contractors, we will do our best to alleviate the confusion

For those residents and businesses, who will be directly affected by these projects, a representative of the Town will be going door to door discussing the project, alternate parking areas, construction timelines and answer any questions you may have

With progress comes inconvenience, this short-term inconvenience will result in increased water flows, better roads, and improved drainage.

Construction projects include:

• Waterline and service connection replacement - 3rd Avenue SE from Highway 583 to 3rd Street SE

• Waterline main replacement and sanitary sewer installation – 7th Avenue NE from 3rd Street NE to Mobile Drive

• Drainage and road upgrade – 7th Street SE

• Drainage and road upgrade - 8th Street SE

• Removal of asphalt and recompact base – 11 Street SE

• Asphalt repairs

o 4th Avenue and 1st Street SE

o 202a 4th Street SE

o 218 4th Avenue SE

o 6th Avenue and 3rd Street SE

o 4th Avenue and 6th Street SE

o 9th Street and 4th Avenue

o 6th Street and 6th Avenue SE

o 1st Street and 6th Avenue SE

o 1st Street and 4th Avenue NE

o 828 1st Avenue NE

o 819 (museum)

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these upgrades, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Director of Operations and Infrastructure, Michael D. Glavin at 403-443-5822

Thank You

Michael D. Glavin

Director of Operations and Infrastructure