Wildrose nominates Nathan Cooper

OLDS - Town of Carstairs Councillor Nathan Cooper will seek to represent the people of Olds-Didsbury Three Hills in the next provincial election.
Cooper, who claimed the Wildrose nomination on Feb. 5, says he looks forward to campaigning on principles that unite all Albertans.
“Wildrose has a clear vision for our province: An Alberta, strong and free, where hard work and determination are rewarded with new hope and new opportunity,” said Cooper.
“We stand for less government, more freedom, and fiscal responsibility. We recognize that strong families build strong communities, and strong communities support strong families. We seek to strengthen democracy by giving more power to voters. And we believe responsible economic management is a prerequisite of public service.”
Cooper pledges to stand up for local families, farmers, small businesses, and communities, by opposing any unnecessary tax increases.
“We all understand that lower oil prices are having a real impact on the economy. But it’s more than just oil prices. Grain prices have dropped significantly as have other commodities, and small business confidence is falling,” said Cooper. “Jobs are being lost, household budgets are getting tighter. Raising taxes will only do further damage to our economy, kill more jobs, and drive away investment. On this issue, and many others, Wildrose offers a truly principled alternative.”
Voters can count on Cooper to put the interests of local constituents first, says local Wildrose president Alex Pratt.
“Nathan Cooper is the perfect candidate to represent our grassroots party,” said Pratt. “He is a principled and persuasive consensus builder, with a strong sense of public service. I know he will represent us with skill and integrity.”
The Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills Wildrose Constituency Association will holds its Annual General Meeting on Feb. 28th at the Olds Royal Canadian Legion boardroom, beginning at 1:00 p.m.