Young Farm Workers Safety Day presented in Acme



Ag For Life (or Agriculture For Life) partnered with the Acme School to host a "Young Farm Workers Safety Day," for Grade 10 to 12 students on Monday, March 16. This was in conjunction with Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (March 15-21).
Participation in the full day of Breakout Sessions in the morning and "in the field" sessions in the afternoon plus a home assignment to have a farm "walkabout" allowed the students to earn one High School Credit as the AGR 2950 – Intermediate Project. Nicole Hornett, from Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development repeated sessions on how to recognize and control hazards on the work site.
Dave Lewin, from FORTIS Alberta, using a working model of power lines and the dangers, demonstrated Power Line Safety and Route Planning. Mo Gudzowaty, with Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) presented a "gut wrenching" picture of the consequences of a split second error around the Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft. He covered major points for safety and "what to do when".
Xtreme Safety Training and Xtreme ATV Adventures, of Calgary, were responsible for the unit on ATV and Snowmobile Safety. Students were supplied with workbooks and additional literature to back up the information presented in the Break Out sessions and in the afternoon. The workbook also included a detailed check list and items that were to be discussed at home as part of the Walkabout. (According to the workbook: "A walkabout is an Australian term for a walk, hike or trip to discover what is there.") In the afternoon, some students were given instruction in Fire Prevention and Extinguisher Training by Ultimate Safety, (of Olds); "Fitness and Injury Prevention: Protecting Your Back and Proper Lifting by World Health Certified Fitness Instructors, Marcus Astley and Josie Price (of Calgary). Others were bussed to Off-Site locations to visit and learn Safe handling of livestock by Dr. Oliver Schunicht from Feedlot Services at Korova Feeders Inc. (Acme). Some took the "Ag Business and Safety in Related Industries Tour", and visited Courtney Berg Industries (CBI), Linden; Agri-Centre, Kneehill Soil Services, and the Sunterra Farms. The very successful day of instruction and activity came together through the combined efforts of Agriculture for Life CEO, Luree Williamson, Cathy Price, Project Coordinator/Teacher, the Acme School Students and Teachers and the Safety Presenters. In addition to those businesses and organizations named above, the Acme and District Agricultural Society, and the Acme Volunteer Fire Department were participants in this event.