Three Hills Town Council Meeting

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the regular meeting of Three hills Town Council to order at 5:30pm. All Councillors were present in person.

The agenda had no additions and was approved as presented.

The minutes of both the special and regular meetings of April 11th were accepted as presented.

Rick Belt-Golden Acres Honey, presented the Sewer Project proposed for the businesses along “Secondary Road 583” . Council would discuss this further during the Closed Session.

Councillor Lammle excused himself from the “Council role” and joined Mr. Belt in the presentation.

Management Reports, given in the second Council Meetings of each month, are heard from the Chief Administrative Officer which includes the “monthly report” and the “Council Resolution Status”. The latter lists projects that have been recently completed and those that are ongoing.

The Manager’s reports, as made available to the Councillors, are also given on-line under the Town of Three Hills>Meetings>Agenda package. (pages 11-18).

The Director of Finance Report indicated that the most activity has been in preparing/presenting year end reports and tax reviews.

The Director of Community Services Report brings Councillors up to date on Development Permits, Arena and Community and Pool usage, etc.

The setting of the 2022 Tax Rate is established through the presenting of the Tax Rate Bylaw No. 1481-22. This requires a “First Reading'', “Second Reading”, “considering to give third and final reading” and then giving the third and final reading. Each reading needs unanimous approval in order to do all four in one sitting.

Under New Business, Council responded to a request from Prairie College for a “100th Anniversary Sponsorship” by directing Administration to purchase an “Elite” level sponsorship and “Coffee in the Courtyard” plus add-ons as available with a $5,000 Limit.

Whitestar Permaculture Urban Gardening and Sustainability is setting up several free classes in the Community Centre and has requested the Town to waive the $240+GST rental fee for the classes and workshops. Council approved this request.

The Three Hills Library is having a flyer printed describing the services it offers, and asks that the Town cover the costs to have these putin the mail boxes of the residents of Three Hills. Council approved this request, with an expected cost not to exceed $200.

Councillor’s Reports had Councilor Byrne Lammle mention upcoming meetings of the Chamber of Commerce and SAEWA.

Councillor Marilyn Sept signed cheques for the Kneehill Housing Society.

On her own she did attend the Politics Uncensored meeting and found it informative.