Three Hills Town Council Report

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the July 11, Three Hills Town Council meeting to order at 5:31 pm.

Deputy Mayor Miriam Kirk attended via telephone conferencing.

The agenda was accepted as presented, and the minutes of the June 27 meeting were adopted as presented.

The first item of business was to receive Mitchell Kennedy, Manager of BDO Canada LLP presenting the Audited Financial Statements for 2021. There were relatively few questions directed to Mr. Kennedy. Later in the meeting under “New Business”, Council “approved the Audited 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements as presented.”

Under “Business Arising out of the Minutes/Old Business” Council was very satisfied to be able to put to rest a long running issue as expressed in this motion: “that Council approve the Medical Services Retention and Recruitment Task Force Terms of Reference as presented.”

A Bylaw for the “Operating Expenditure Borrowing Bylaw” was presented because of a change in the numbering designation and this required the formality of giving and receiving 3 readings, (with a consent for third reading.)

Thus Council moved “… that Bylaw 1483-22- Operating Expenditure Borrowing Bylaw be presented for and given first, (second), (consideration for third reading) and (third and final reading).

Each of these motions received unanimous approval.

The other matter brought before Council was a request from the Three Hills Thrashers to be allowed to have a “beer garden” in the arena during the 2022-2023 season. The letter details the measures they have taken to conform to all the requirements of the AGLC.

Council was provided with a copy of the letter and this “background”.

“The Three Hills Thrashers have requested approval for liquor sales during their games in the spectator area of the arena. • The Thrashers have been in contact with AGLC and have listed the requirements they have to meet in the proposal. • The Thrashers proposed a similar concept in 2020 that was approved. The liquor sales never came to light due to a cancelled hockey season with Covid-19”

The decision then was

“... that Council accepts the attached proposal for liquor sales by Three Hills Thrashers during the 2022-2023 season.” The areas designated were the mezzanine and upper concourse. This takes into consideration all the security measures and restrictions set forth by the AGLC.

The Councillors’ and Mayor’s reports followed.

Both Deputy Mayor Miriam Kirk and Councillor Marilyn Sept reported on meetings of the Kneehill Regional Partnership and the Doctor’s Recruitment and Retention Task Force.

Councillor Byrne Lammle provided Council with a SAEWA Briefing.

Mayor Wildeman mentioned recent activities including Prairie Graduation and the upcoming centennial celebration events.

From the Rural Municipalities of Alberta there was correspondence per “Deadline to Complete Joint Use and Planning Agreements”. This was “accepted as presented.”.

Council went into closed session at 7:05 to consider:

10.1 “Pumphouse Update, pursuant to Section 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act- Advice from Officials”


10.2 “RCM Legal Update, pursuant to section 27 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act- Legal privilege.