Annual Harvest for Kids raises $60,000 for cause

Harvest for Kids Logo Truck

September 17, 2022. Take 120 acres of wheat, add one beautiful day, 18 combines, five grain trucks, one grain wagon, one fuel truck, and approximately 50 minutes and you have as a consequence, a yield of 7,507 bushels of harvest being converted to $60,000 (Canadian) to be sent to India to promote the ministry of (day) camps to children there, and you have another successful Harvest For Kids in Kneehill County.

Antony Samy, the Founder of Harvest for Kids, along with his wife and daughter, and Dave Thiessen, Canadian National Director, were on hand to tell of the mission and the results of the generous givings of the Canadian Farmers and others over the years since the founding in 2003.

For every $2.00 Canadian, the cooperating churches in India contribute $3.00 and this allows one child to attend one week of day camp, (similar to a VBS here) plus the year of follow up by trained counsellors now connected to 3,200 local churches.

It is conservatively estimated that 2.9 million children have been reached in India and including the other countries in which Harvest For Kids is involved the number would be 3.2 million. Brazil and Cambodia have been included.

The leaders do not want to inflate numbers and so they would estimate that 75% of children attending these camps have responded positively to the “Gospel Message” presented through the camps.

A large crowd of supporters were on hand to be spectators, to hear the latest updates, and then to take in a great time of BBQ and visiting. The Harvest For Kids has become an annual event.