Linden & Acme Growing Project serves over 600 at Annual Dinner

Linden Grains Supper Drone

On September 6, a gathering of 11 combines, four grain carts and eight semis came together to harvest 303 acres of wheat on the C.C. Toews Farm. A yield of 74 bushels per acre, for 22,422 bushels at $10.65/bushel translates into $238,794. This in turn is matched by the federal government four to one.

In addition to this, the Growing Project then hosted a full deal chicken supper on September 14, serving 250 take out dinners and 430 “dine in” meals. Counting only on “donations” this brought in $30,000.00 and an additional $2,400.00 from a silent auction.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger.

The Linden & Acme Growing Project has been under the organization of Earl Jeninga since its beginning 18 years ago.