Kneehill - Three Hills Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement in effect

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Kneehill County Reeve, Jerry Wittstock, called the regular meeting of the Kneehill County Council to order at 8:30 AM, Tuesday September 13, 2022.

All Councillors were present in the Council Chamber.

One item was added to the agenda.

The minutes of the August 16, 2022 Council meeting were accepted as presented.

There were two items under “Infrastructure-Roads/Bridges/Water/Wastewater/Environment needing Council’s attention both involving moving of monies.

Item 4.1 had to do with the purchase of trailers, and the price coming in above what was originally quoted.Thus Council approved a draw of $55,000 from the Capital Equipment Replacement Reserve to fund Capital Equipment Plan purchases for which the quotes were higher than originally budgeted.

The one trailer is described as an “enddump triailer”. The other as a Super B trailer.

Item 4.2 was a bit unusual, with some complications to a situation going undetected for a few years. After a detailed presentation and some options being considered Council motion being passed reads: “that Council reimburse account holder $5,882.87 for only water charges on account #060220.00 and maintenance fees on account #060240.00.” As an unbudgeted expense the funds are to come out of the 2022 Operating Budget.

At this point the presenters for the Public Hearing were assembling. A very short break was inserted. The Public Hearing was declared open at 9:03 AM and closed at 9:36.

The request for rezoning had been presented by BeJay (B.J.) & Melanie Baerg with property just over a mile south of Linden. The Bylaw -1863 Redesignation – Agriculture District to County Residential and Recreation District was given first reading by Council on August 16. Advertising for the Public Hearing was posted as required by law.

There were two letters received in opposition, and both parties were present to voice their concerns.

The vision of the Baerg’s is long range with the developments to take place in stages.

Some alterations have already been considered for number and size of lots.

Council returned to their regular meeting at 9:51.

Item 5.3.1 RCMP Reporting on Council’s Priorities, Public Safety Updates and Statistics doesn’t begin to describe the information presented in the 50 pages. Kneehill County has five detachments that are involved in the County with four of those giving their report. (Three Hills, Drumheller, Beiseker, and Olds.)

Nothing under ‘New and Unfinished Business’ required anything of deep discussion, apart from the background information presented.


The table of Bylaws being repealed shows dates from 1965.

Item 7.2 recognizes “That Council appoint the following individuals, for the term of their employment with Kneehill County, as an authorized signing authority for Kneehill County. • Deputy Reeve Kenneth King • Kevin Gannon, Director of Community Services.”

Items 7.3 through 7.5 all come under the “Intermunicipal Collaboration Agreement” and the legalese that is used to describe that sets out the goals so “nobly” that I will quote it from the background document that the County and the second party receive. In this instance it is with the Town of Three Hills.

KNEEHILL - THREE HILLS INTERMUNICIPAL COLLABORATION FRAMEWORK. THIS AGREEMENT made effective September 13, 2022, between: KNEEHILL COUNTY … and the TOWN OF THREE HILLS …Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Between Kneehill County and Town of Three Hills .

WHEREAS, the County and the Town recognize the importance and the responsibility of each respective municipality to make decisions on behalf of their residents; and WHEREAS, the parties share common interests and are desirous of working together to provide services to their residents and ratepayers; and WHEREAS, the parties are committed to the principle of mutual benefit to deliver some services within the region effectively, efficiently, and economically; and WHEREAS, the parties share a common border; and WHEREAS, the Municipal Government Act stipulates that municipalities that have a common boundary must create a framework with each other that identifies the services provided by each municipality and the funding arrangements for these services…”

“NOW THEREFORE, by mutual covenant of the parties hereto it is agreed as follows…”

Then follows in detail the Purpose, Signatories, Definitions and all other matters addressed by this agreement including shared services.

County Councillors therefore agreed to: “authorize the Reeve and CAO to ‘…sign the Town of Three Hills Intermunicipal Collaborative Agreement Amendment”;

“to authorize the Reeve and CAO to sign the Equity Water Delivery Agreement Amendment”:

“to authorize the Reeve and CAO to sign the Mt. Vernon Water Delivery Agreement Amendment”;

and “to authorize the Reeve and CAO to sign the Three Hills Fire Services Agreement Amendments”.

The Kneehill Regional Partnership is described as:

Municipal Leaders, Regional Partners Situated in the heart of central Alberta, the Villages of Acme, Carbon, and Linden, the Towns of Three Hills and Trochu, and Kneehill County form the Regional Partners. Together, we are home to over 11,000 residents. As municipal leaders, we understand that we are independent and each embody our own characteristics, circumstances, and desires. While our differences make us unique, through partnership we choose to be defined by the things that we share in common. Understanding our residents define community as going beyond municipal borders. We are stronger when we work together and pursue partnerships that enhance the region as a whole. We understand that our taxpayers demand that we be excellent stewards of the tax dollars that we collect and that by working together we can achieve more with less, for the benefit of the taxpayer. We understand that our taxpayers demand value for their money and that we can achieve more by working together. The Kneehill Regional Partnership is one way that we, as municipal leaders, strive to make life better for our residents.”

Each “partner” comes to the meeting with ideas that may be considered as priorities for projects and training. By focussing on these they may find that their voice is more forcefully heard when speaking with other levels of government or interested businesses etc.

Thus, Council and Administration prepare, review and revise what these priorities may be, and then present the list to Council prior to the meeting. The list presented to Council was approved as presented.

There were no “Council and Committee Reports” submitted at this Council Meeting.

The “Council Follow-up Action List” was presented showing the progress or completion of projects.

It was requested by Council that a letter of commendation and thanks be directed to the fire crews in recognition of the demands on the services over the summer.

Council was taking a very brief break at 10:45 and then proceeding to a “Closed Session” where there were three items listed.

11.1-Intergovernmental Relations (Section 21-FOIPP), 11.2-Personnel (Section 17&19 - FOIPP), 11.3-Advice from Officials (Section 24-FOIPP).