Todd Loewen Meet & Greet

Todd Loewen Three Hills

“Todd Loewen: Standing up for Alberta” is the banner this leadership candidate is campaigning under.
After introductions by hostess Sara-Lyn Quist, Local Campaign manager, Tim Arnold and Constitution Lawyer, Jeff Rath, Todd Loewen took the floor to present his priorities that he wants to address as leader of the UCP Party and Premier of Alberta.
He believes inflation and Alberta’s debt needs to be dealt with. He declares that Health Care and Alberta Health Services needs a complete overhaul. How the province deals with Ottawa is of major concern: The Sovereignty Act simply allows Alberta to say “NO”. And the Provincial Pension Plan and Employment Insurance (and the need for a Provincial Police Force) would all be part of the big picture. He also indicated that there should be an investigation into the Covid Responses and where the government (may have) overstepped its boundaries.

Questions from the audience touched on several points ranging from: “What about renewable Energy Sources?”; Who “holds” the debt?”; “What about Digital ID and access to it?”; “What about ‘Loss of trust?”; How does he as an Independent MLA run for the leadership of the UCP?”.

Then there were questions about how Preferential Voting works and the details about “In Person” voting, when and where.