Three Hills Town Council Report

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the regular meeting of the September 26 Three Hills Town Council to order at 5:32 PM. Deputy Mayor Miriam Kirk and Councillor Byrne Lammle attended via Zoom. The agenda was accepted as presented. The minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of September 12 were accepted as distributed.

Management Reports were presented with each manager highlighting some of the information as given in the reports, copies of which may be found on-line at Regular Meeting of Council - 26 Sep 2022 - Agenda - Pdf ( This link takes one to the “agenda” and clicking on the blue underlined links pulls up the report.

The Chief Administrator’s Report by Ryan Leuzinger, listed “General Items” under which “Pumphouse items are of major import. He also reports Meetings and Event Attendance. His report also includes the “Council Resolution Status”, which breaks down projects that are “on the books” with notation as to whether they are “in progress” or “completed”.

The Director of Finance Report by Greg Towne is presented in sections: Quarterly Debt Management Report; the Variance Report; General Fund; Watter Fund; and the Capital Projects Report.

Each of these are then broken down into sub divisions. And all are accompanied with appropriate charts with facts and figures.

The Director of Community Services is presented by Kristy Sidock.

This report covers a wide range of areas, each of which in some way relates to the “Community Services” offered by the town to its residents. Kristy reports then on the number of permits issued for development, building, electrical, plumbing and gas.

Her report also covers “Protective Services- Bylaw/Fire.

Under “Cemetery” we learn how many “internments” have been conducted since the last report, and how many “rights transfers” have been issued.

Meetings and courses for Emergency Management are reported.

Parks and Recreation report bring Councillors up to date on activity taking place at the arena, in the parks, at the Community Centre and the Aquatic Centre.

The statistics speak for themselves. The Town of Three Hills is a great community with services that are much appreciated by residents of all ages.

The “Director of Operations and Infrastructure”, Grant Gyurkovits, reports on the following:

Water Distribution/Treatment, Sanitary Collection/Treatment, Transportation Roads, Landfill/Recycle and then the Capital Updates as they pertain to the Water Treatment Plant, Equity Pump House Rebuild, Distribution Pump House (Stage II), The Bulk Water System, and the Downtown Beautification Project.

The news on the Pumphouse is so positive with stages being completed “on schedule” with announcements “Imminent”.

The downtown Beautification Project can report that “the concrete work is 100% complete while the town is waiting for delivery on benches, tree grates, flower-pots and bike racks.”

There was one item coming forward as “Old Business”. This was a follow-up to a request from Grace Bible Fellowship for a Long-Term Rental Agreement for the Community Centre.

Council directed administration to “Proceed with Option 3” which reads: “…direct administration to sign a long-term lease agreement as per the rates in the Master Rates & Fees Bylaw with the understanding that weekend rentals take priority”. The understanding herein is that “weekend rentals” would imply rentals booked for any part of Friday through Sunday.

Normal procedure for the passing of most Bylaws was followed when Council gave “second reading to Bylaw 1480-22 Waste Control Bylaw. This Bylaw is also available on-line as part of the agenda package previously referred to.

A 28 page presentation under a heading of “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) amounted to a study as it could be applied to Anderson Park. It has to do with sightlines and the possible use of security cameras and changes in lighting. Trimming of bushes … and trees was suggested but those doing the study suggested trimming lower branches from trees to 6’ above ground and bushes to two foot height. The idea of trimming the trees to 6’ clearance was unanimously rejected but other measures could be considered. Cost efficiencies would also be considered. The report was accepted as information as presented.

In preparation for budget planning Council was presented with a Request for Business Licensing, and opted for the following resolution:: “…that Council direct Administration to maintain the existing business licensing structure and that rates be determined as budget talks go forward.”

A letter from the Kneehill Regional Partnership requesting input from municipal members of the Partnership was presented and Council moved that it be “accepted as information.” Council could send along any ideas, but from what had been reported it appeared that any ideas they had were already “on the table” as presented by other members.

Councillor Reports round out the rest of meeting apart from receiving correspondence and the holding of a Closed Session.

Each of the Councillors and Mayor Wildeman attended the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Conference and each had extremely positive feedback as to the benefits gained. The praiseworthy items included hearing from the special speakers including ministers and MLAs; the Networking with other Municipal personnel, breakout sessions and the social time.

In addition to this conference the Councillors also reported taking in the “Level of Service Community Workshop in Acme of September 13, which included an orientation to the Alberta Fire Service’s Community Planning and Emergency Response Toolkit.”

In addition to these meetings Councillors also reported the following:

Councillor Hazelton attended the FCSS meeting.

Councillor Lammle reports that he has a SAEWA meeting coming up.

The Marigold August 2022 report was submitted under Councillor Marilyn Sept’s name.

Mayor Wildeman also attended the AUMA Conference and the Acme Level of Services workshop.

The one item of correspondence was from Alberta Municipalities regarding changes to Victim Services.

The closed session, called at 8:40 PM showed two items:

11.1 Section 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act- Advice from Officials- State of the Organization,

and 11.2 Section 24-Advice from Officials- Airport, ICF & Update, Collage Talks.