Trochu Town Council Report

Trochu LOGO

Mayor Barry Kletke called the regular Council meeting of Trochu to order at 6:00 PM, on November 14, 2022.

Councillors Cerilo De La Cruz, Jenny Lyver, Chris Armstrong, and Jaime Martel were present.

Two items were added to the agenda and it was received as amended.

The minutes of the Regular Meeting and the Organizational Meeting of October 24 were adopted as presented.

Under “Housekeeping” Council approved December 12 as the date for the only regular Council meeting for December. The Housekeeping Report for the month of October was accepted as presented.

There were no Public Hearings and no Delegations for this meeting.

Staff reports were presented to Council prior to the meeting. The Grantwriter’s report was accepted as distributed.

Dave Nelson, Director of Operations, presented an oral report highlighting items given in the written report.

Arena/ Pool

• New furnace installed in pool. (covered from MCCAC grant from 2021.

• LiveBarn camera installed and went live on Oct 27. Streaming hockey games with a subscription to LiveBarn

Parks and Boulevards

• Gathered Communities in Bloom flower pots and stored behind shop.

Public Works

• TJ Paving in town to pave two blocks of Main Street. Milled out old asphalt,

• Erected snow fence along North Rd.

• Assisted with set-up, cooking and cleaning up for Flapjack Fiesta.

• Crosswalks on Main Street were painted

Water, Wastewater

• Change-out sewer lift station pump.

• Completed sewer line flushing. Hired vac truck to suck out a few problem manholes.


• Blow-out campground water system.

Upcoming and Currently Working On

• Prepping equipment for snow removal

• Completing campground winterizing

• Adding electrical lines for X-mas tree

The Administrator’s Report, given by CAO Carl Peterson, was an oral highlighting of that which was also distributed in writing.

Mainly he reported on various meetings attended.

They included: Kneehill Regional Partnership, Trochu Housing Corporation, and a virtual meeting of the Palliser Regional Municipal Services.

From the PRMS meeting it could be reported that the Rural Development Network will work with PRMS and the Town to develop the new Land Use Bylaw, but they are running behind and the kickoff date will not be until January 2023.

CAO Peterson reported that regarding the Interim Audit: “Justin Tanner (Gitzel and Co,) completed our interim audit and had no major concerns.”

The Task Force (Dr. R. and R) had a meeting scheduled for November 2nd but it was cancelled due to weather and road conditions .

Councillor Reports followed.

Councillor Chris Armstrong having attended a Community Futures meeting reported on various developments. Chief among concerns was the change in expectations of Covid relief loans repayment from the Federal Government which are impacting many local businesses.

Councillor De La Cruz spoke of interaction and concern expressed by residents.

Councillor Lyver attended the Library Board meeting and of Fundraising activities being planned.

She also, took in the meeting of the Palliser Regional Municipal Services.

Councillor Martel also sat through the PRMS meeting.

Councillor Martel reported on the Trochu Arboretum meeting and the several activities planned for their Christmas Market and Forest of Lights.

She also attended a Trochu Housing meeting.

Mayor Kletke also attended the PRMS meeting. He attended the Remembrance Day Service and felt that there was a good turnout.

He had opportunity to speak to the grade oneclass on the subject of ‘Community’. They had been well prepared and had some good questions for him.

Mayor Kletke also attended, as chair, the Trochu Housing meeting. The grant application is well underway and will meet the necessary deadlines.

There were eight items under correspondence.

These range from an invitation from Delburne to attend their “Parade of Lights” to the second quarter RCMP policing report.”

The October 2022 Bank Reconciliation and Financial Summary, as presented by CAO Peterson, was accepted as presented.

New Business amounted to Council responding to a request from the Torrington-Wimborne Playschool for a donation to their Fundraiser Auction. Council approved the donation of a Family Pool Pass as provided previously.

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority is making this offer:

“ARMA is celebrating our 30th Anniversary by giving away 100% recycled plastic park benches to 25 lucky communities in Alberta. Each bench keeps 108 kg of plastic out of the landfill.

Your community can apply from now until March 31, 2023, however, there’s a limited supply so don’t wait, apply today!”

Council approved making an application.

Council also approved the writing of a letter of support for an applicant under the Rural Development Entrepreneur Stream. This is a program that encourages immigrants hoping to settle in rural areas of Alberta.

At 6:55 Council prepared to go into closed session where two items under the headings of: “Legal item: Tax Penalty Reversal Request (FOIP Section 17)” and “Legal item: Accounts Receivable Penalties (FOIP Section 17)” were on the agenda.