Three Hills Town Council Approves Municipal Grants

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The Monday, November 14 regular meeting of Three Hills Town Council was called to order by Three Hills Mayor Ray Wildeman at 5:34 p.m.

Council accepted the agenda as presented and approved the minutes of the October 24 organizational meeting and the October 24 regular meeting of council as presented.

Mayor Wildeman declared the Public Hearing concerning 1486-22 Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Bylaw at 5:36 pm.

Council had an opportunity to review and discuss recent changes to the MDP, as presented by Kristy Sidock, Director of Community Services. No persons came forth to speak against or in favour of the updates. Written comments were received by two ratepayers. Council reviewed the concerns followed by Mayor Wildeman closing the Public Hearing at 6:01 p.m. The MDP will receive second reading at the November 28 meeting.

There was no delegations on the agenda and no management reports.

The next order of business concerned change in the FCSS Board committee appointment. Council appointed Clr Marilyn Sept to the FCSS Board replacing Deputy Mayor Dennis Hazelton. (Not in attendance at the meeting).

Council gave first reding to Bylaw 1484-22 Councillor Code of Conduct. Revisions have been made since first enacted in 2018.

Bylaw 1487-22-2023 Operating Expenditure borrowing bylaw was given first, second, third and third and final reading.

The main purpose of this bylaw is to allow for an operating line of credit and corporate credit cards. The total amount for borrowing with this Bylaw is $1,060,000. $1,000,000 is for the Town’s operating line of credit and $60,000 is for the Town’s corporate credit cards. This bylaw is approved annually.

Under New Business Municipal Grants to Community Groups (Fall 2022 Intake) were approved as follows:

1. Friends of Three Hills School Society (Capital) - $1,613

2. Kneehill Minor Hockey Association (Operating) - $3,225

3. Kneehill Minor Volleyball Association (Operating) - $1,613

4. Seniors Outreach (Capital) - $3,929

5. Three Hills Beautification (Operating) - $1,878

6. Three Hills Beautification (Capital) - $1,742

7. Three Hills Disc Golf Club (Capital) - $968

8. Three Hills Skating Club (Operating) - $1,226

9. Three Hills Skating Club (Capital) - $1,290

Council carried a resolution to maintain the Apex Municipal Franchise fee for natural gas at 9%. One councillor was opposed.

Concerning Sunrise Estates - Lot Buyback, council directed administration to proceed with option two as presented to council. This was to advise the purchasers that the Town does not wish to purchase the lots back.

Council had no meetings to report on.

Mayor Wildeman attended the Rural Municipalities Association (RMA) conference with Kneehill County, in Edmonton from November 7-10. Ray found the experience to be very beneficial noting many common concerns shared by Rural And Urban municipalities.

Mayor Wildeman was present at the annual Three Hills Legion Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11. He laid a wreath on behalf of the Town of Three Hills.

Before entering closed session, Council accepted the following correspondence as information presented.

1. Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board recruitment package.

2. A letter from Rebecca Schulz - new Minister of Municipal Affairs.

3. Town of Fox Creek Letter to Minister of Justice and Solicitor General concerning the victim services redesign 2022-10-19.

4. Three Hills RCMP second quarter Community Policing report.

Council went into closed session at 8 p.m. to discuss two items, returning to open session at 8:59 p.m. There were no resolutions resulting from closed session. Mayor Wildeman adjourned the meeting of November 14, 2022 at 9 p.m.