Kneehill County Council Approves up to $4.5 Million Vehicle and Equipment Expenditure

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Deputy Reeve Kenneth King called the regular meeting of Kneehill County Council to order at 8:30 AM Tuesday November 15.

Councillors present were:

Division No. 1 Faye McGhee, Division No. 2 Debbie Penner, Division No. 4 Carrie Fobes, Division No. 5 Laura Lee Machell-Cunningham, Division No. 6 Wade Christie, Division No. 7 Kenneth King.

The agenda as amended was adopted.

The minutes of October 25 of the Organizational meeting and the Regular meeting were approved as distributed.

The first item of business was the formality of making the motion and approving to cancel the scheduled meeting of the Municipal Planning Commission set for November 24. There were no items needing the attention of the MPC at this time.

5.1.2 Bylaw 1869 is a bylaw to adopt the Starland County/Kneehill County Intermunicipal Development Plan. The following gives as good an explanation as any. The bylaw then details aspects of what cooperation means

“The purpose of the Kneehill County and Starland County Intermunicipal Development Plan(IDP) is to foster a collaborative planning approach for lands along the common border between the two counties. We recognize that Intermunicipal planning is an effort between two or more municipalities to make long term land use planning decisions. The MunicipalGovernment Act (MGA) encourages municipalities that share a common boundary to develop an Intermunicipal Development Plan. These Plans will ensure that certain identified areas are viewed with a regional perspective by establishing a long-term strategy which balances the interests of both municipalities.”

Council gave 1st reading to this Bylaw, and will hold a Public Hearing in the County Council Chamber on December 13, at 10:00 AM.

Item 4.1 Budget Pre-Authorization-Capital Equipment Plan.

The expenditure has been planned for, but by doing the pre-authorization, prior to the interim budget being approved, the process of ordering these items should allow better delivery dates and probable cost savings.

Therefore, Council did approve the expenditure of up to $4,500,000 from the Capital Equipment Replacement Reserve to fund the purchase of the equipment and vehicles detailed in the Request for Decision. (listed below.)

Administration is requesting a pre-authorization to purchase specific capital equipment and vehicles prior to the interim budget being approved. The equipment and vehicles have been scheduled for procurement based on the lifecycle replacement strategy which considers the initial costs, repair and maintenance costs as well as the expected disposal revenue.

The equipment and vehicle purchases that are being requested for procurement are:

4 – ¾ ton Pickup Trucks

1 – ½ ton Pickup Truck

1 – Highway Tractor Truck

1 – Super B gravel trailer(s)

1 – End dump gravel trailer

3 – 160M Caterpillar motor graders (1 scheduled to be replaced in 2024)

1 – 14M Caterpillar motor grader (scheduled to be replaced in 2024)

1 – Fire Engine (Joint purchase with Town of Three Hills)

2 – CPO SUV’s

5.2.1 was the presentation about Horseshoe Canyon with stats as to usage, peak hours, locations (according to license plates) from which visitors came, but chiefly a discussion about parking fees and income and expenditure. This presentation was interrupted for a break and then the Public Hearing scheduled for 9:00 AM.

The Public Hearing was as the follow -up of Bylaw 1870-Road Closure of Undeveloped Road Allowance- Adjacent West Half of Section 25-33-25 W4.

Deanna Keiver, Development Officer presented highlights of the information presented when the Bylaw was given first reading. There were no letters either pro or con, and no representations in Council. Applicant Bruce Earl Hastie of Lazy H Hastie Ranch Ltd. was present to introduce himself and answer questions.

The Public Hearing adjourned at 9:15.

The Bylaw will now go to the Minister of Transportation and once approved there will be presented for second and third and final reading.

Council returned to the subject of Horseshoe Canyon and approved the motion (Option 1) to continue the Horseshoe Canyon policy of collecting a ”facility fee” of $2.00 per vehicle from Thursday to Monday.

Item 5.2.2 was the proposal and establishment of Bylaw #1871- Prohibited Animal Bylaw. Specifically, the “Prohibited Animal” is the Wild Boar. While not yet an issue in Alberta, the setting of this Bylaw puts

into place what action will be taken if any instance arises where a wild boar is discovered. Council gave 1st, 2nd, Unanimous consent to give 3rd, and then 3rd and final reading to Bylaw 1871.

Item 5.2.3 was the confirmation that Julia Jensen be appointed “Member at Large for the Agricultural Service Board.

Item 6.1 Third Quarter Variance Report.

Presented by Acting Manager of Financial Operations, Marika von Mirbach, delivered the Third Quarter Variance Report, which is what it sounds like. In much detail, it shows what was projected and/or budgeted in income and expenditure, and then whether or not the actual amounts were above or below, and an indication as to what would account for these differences.

Council commended Marika for the thoroughness and clarity of the report and accepted it as information.

Item 6.2 Under the heading of “Respect in the Workplace” was a presentation of a stand-alone policy outlining the expectations of respect in the workplace. Council approved and accepted Policy # 19-3 as presented.

Three items under “New and Unfinished Business” were considered and the following action taken:

7.1 Drumheller Area Health Foundation Request. This is an annual request and Council approved… “That Council donate $500.00 to the Drumheller Area Health Foundation with the funds to be used for offsetting the costs of hosting the April 1st, 2023, fundraising event.”

7.2 “ 2023 Kneehill Regional FCSS Budget and Allocations.”

The FCSS budget as presented indicated that based on the population figures that they were given the amount that the County would contribute for 2023 would be $52,346.00. In 2022 the amount was $50,140.00.

Council approved the Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) 2023 Budget and Allocations as presented.

7.3 “Bylaw #1866 Repeal of Obsolete Bylaws”

As an ongoing “clearing things up” Council has been dealing with obsolete bylaws repealing 10 at each Council Meeting. The Bylaws removed in this Bylaw are from 1966-1979. Council gave 1st, 2nd, unanimous consent to give 3rd, and then 3rd and final reading to this Bylaw.

Those with an interest in history and access to the internet might find it interesting to go to the Kneehill County website and under “meetings” and “meeting agenda package” find what Bylaws have been on file. The documents that were presented “in the day” to have the Bylaws enacted are shown.

Two items added to the agenda were for the Councill and Committee Reports.

Councillor Christie gave an oral report regarding developments or news from the Community Futures meeting. As something of a ‘shock’ the Federal Government (CRA) has changed the understanding as to who having received the “loans” under the Canadian Emergency Business Account will now have to “pay back” and the when has been cut much shorter than seemed to be promised.

Several Councillors gave high praise for the Rural Municipalities of Alberta convention they attended in Edmonton from November 7-10. The meeting with MLAs, the Speakers and the breakout sessions and being able to meet with other municipal leaders were all considered highlights. Reeve Wittstock was honoured with a long service award.

Before adjourning for a lunch break and then to a Closed session Council received the “Council Follow-up Action List.

Closed session had on its agenda, the following: 11.1 Disclosure Harmful to Economic Interests of a Public Body (Sec 25)

11.2 Disclosure Harmful to Business Interests of Third Party (Sec 16)

11.3 Advice from Officials (Section 24)

11.4 Intergovernmental Relations (Section 21).