Three Hills Arts Academy presents 'Nutcracker'

Nutcracker Cast

The Three Hills Arts Academy youth theatre in partnership with the Three Hills Dance Celebration, has brought to Three Hills a charming production of The Nutcracker.

That Ashley Savage, of Dance Celebration, and Tiffany Dietz, Director of the Youth Production, should each have decided that this was the year to do the Nutcracker, and then to work out how to combine the two presentations into one, is quite serendipitous. (Or was it?)

The well known motto of theatrical productions of “The show must go on”, was demonstrated on this occasion when due to sickness, some performers were unable to make it to the opening night, and last minute substitutions were worked out. And the ones taking on the roles did an excellent job.

The enthusiasm of the players and dancers made the show particularly entertaining.

There were those in the cast who have obviously had previous experience, and others who are coming on as newbies and giving it their all.

It seems that the integration of the ballet segments and the drama segments flowed together seamlessly.

The stage setting and lighting and music under the Production Crew really communicated the “toyland” and “snow globe” atmosphere required. The costumes were quite perfect for the respective characters.

A version of The Nutcracker, by Patrick Rainville Dorn, under the direction of Tiffany Dietz brings a very full cast to the stage for eight performances November 17 to 26.

There are 20 Youth Theatre actors and 15 dancers from Three Hills Dance Celebration. Age levels for the actors are from grade 4 to grade 12, and includes students from Three Hills School, Prairie Christian Academy, Tro-Val, Acme, Linden, Morrin and Home Schoolers.

The dancers ranged from Grade 3 ballet to Advanced, with Charly Graham being featured as the “music box ballerina” doing an en pointe solo.