Supporting Alberta’s Most Vulnerable

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Alberta’s government is taking action to make life more affordable for families, Albertans with disabilities, seniors and those out of work.

Alberta’s economy has recovered strongly, but Albertans are struggling to heat their homes and feed their families and the government wants to help.

Thousands of Albertans who rely on social benefits are being affected by the increased cost of living due to rising inflation. Alberta’s government is stepping up to provide support to those who need it most by adjusting AISH, Income Support, the Alberta Seniors Benefit and Alberta Child and Family Benefit rates by six per cent to match the rate of inflation. Moving forward, these programs will continue to be indexed with inflation to ensure low-income Albertans have the resources to afford their basic needs.

“The affordability crisis has made life more difficult for seniors, families with children and Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens. Everyone struggling needs to know that they are not alone. Our government is increasing benefits to help make life more affordable and ensure all Albertans can afford the rising costs of life’s necessities.” - Danielle Smith, Premier

Alberta’s government recognizes the urgency of supporting Albertans through this affordability crisis. That is why social benefit programs will be indexed effective Jan. 1, 2023. Albertans receiving AISH and Income Support benefits will see this increase on their January payments, which will be distributed on Dec. 22. Recipients of the Alberta Seniors Benefit will see this increase on their January cheques and recipients of the Alberta Child and Family Benefit will see the increase in their first quarterly payment in February 2023.

“I remain committed to supporting vulnerable Albertans, especially those struggling to meet their basic needs as a result of the high cost of living. I am proud to see our government taking steps to support seniors and vulnerable Albertans by increasing social benefit payments. These programs are vital to supporting thousands of individuals and families, which is why it is so important to ensure they are kept in line with increasing costs of food, utilities and other essential goods and services.” - Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

Examples of monthly benefit rate changes for Jan. 1, 2023

Examples are based on the maximum core monthly benefit rates for single people with no children:

• $1,685 to $1,787 - AISH

• $745 to $790 - Income Support (expected to work)

• $866 to $919 - Income Support (barriers to full employment)

• $286 to $303 - Alberta Seniors Benefit

Indexation will increase the benefit payments per child by six per cent for families who access the Alberta Child and Family Benefit. The increased benefit payment for annual totals, based on whether a family has anywhere from one to four children, follows:

• one child - $120

• two children - $198

• three children - $260

• four children - $307

Benefit increases are based on the consumer price index for 2022 and benefit rates vary depending on Albertans’ needs, household composition and other factors.

Alberta’s government will invest about $45 million in 2022-23 and $173 million in 2023-24 to support indexation of the AISH, Income Support and Alberta Seniors benefit programs, and about $7 million in 2022-2023 and $35 million in 2023-2024 to support the indexation of the Alberta Child and Family Benefit.

Alberta’s government is delivering immediate cost-of-living and inflation relief while working to support long-term affordability.

The Affordability Action Plan will extend broad-based supports while targeting additional relief to families, seniors and our most vulnerable. Albertans can learn more about current and future affordability relief programs and supports at

Quick facts

• About 72,000 people receive AISH each month.

• About 45,000 receive Income Support each month.

• 43,000 children are dependents of AISH and Income Support recipients.

• About 176,000 seniors receive Alberta Seniors Benefits.

• Between 185,000 and 190,000 families access the Alberta Child and Family Benefit for financial support.