Trochu Town Council Report

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Mayor Barry Kletke called the regular meeting of Trochu Town Council to order at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, November 28, 2022.

All Councillors were present in person.

Two items were added to the agenda and the agenda was accepted as amended.

The minutes of the Regular Council meeting of November 14 were accepted as presented.

That which Trochu Council calls “Housekeeping” (report) consists of a table presentation that under the headings: “Date”, “Time and Location”, “Event” and “Who’s Attending” lists the dates for regular Council meetings, then other meetings and conferences etc.

One item that had special mention was the Staff Christmas party, featuring a bowling event.

There were no public hearings and no delegations.

Under “Reports” there were no “Committee. Reports”.

CAO Carl Peterson presented the Administrator’s Report. In this report, again laid out in table form under the headings of “Item-What’s Happening” and “Information/Explanation”, Mr. Peterson has listed seven events.

A. Kneehill Regional Partnership (KRP).

1. A KRP scheduled for November 16 is rescheduled for a date in December.

2. Of benefit to all who attended was a “Purchasing Law” seminar.

B. Trochu Housing Corporation.

1. Attended a virtual meeting. 2. Has received a letter of support from Kneehill County. 3. A virtual Steering Committee is scheduled for December 7.

C. Alberta Municipalities - Energy Management scheduled for November 29.

D. Police Advisory Committee (PAC)

1. Attended the PAC meeting in Delburne on November 24th at which Sgt. Jamie Day gave “a lengthy but informative update regarding crime stats to date for 2022.” “It was noted that almost all categories were up, and not by just a little, but many of them at the highest level ever reported.”

E. The Task Force (formerly the Dr’s R & R ) The Nov. 2 meeting that had been cancelled is rescheduled for Nov. 30.

F. Palliser Regional Municipal Services (PRMS) meeting is scheduled for December 8 at which time the 2023 budget will be brought forward.

G. Kneehill Regional Emergency Management Agency (KREMA)

Councillor Chris Armstrong joined CAO Peterson in attending an Economic Recovery and Resiliency workshop in Three Hills. “It was focused on how Municipalities can assist businesses and other organizations in preparation of, during and after disasters.

Emergency Exercise #6. “There is sufficient grant funding left over that another training event is scheduled for December 6 at the Three Hills Community Centre.”

The Councillors’ Reports in point form:

a. Councillor Armstrong: Attended the “Economic Recovery” workshop mentioned above.

b. Councillor De La Cruz attended a meeting of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership with Mayor Kletke. (November 23.)

c. Councillor Lyver: Attended the Marigold Library meeting and brought a “new agreement” to council to accept.

d. Councillor Martel: Updated on the Arboretum Christmas Market. Considered to be a success. Also reported on the FCSS programs and the use of the Tools for Axhool.

e. Deputy Mayor Reeds: PRMS meeting with Mr. Peterson. Drumheller and Regional Solid Waste Management Association meeting. (Talk focused on budget matters.)

f. Mayor Kletke: In addition to a meeting of the Mayors of Centra Alberta, Mayor Kletke (and Councillor De La Cruz) attended the November 23 meeting of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) which featured as their guest speaker, Alexander Sergeev. He is the Supply Chain Management, Access & Performance person. From the report it would almost sound that he was a “futurist” predicting the trends and likely outcomes of the difficulty in supply in almost all areas and what that will mean for businesses and the economy.

Three items of Correspondence were presented for acceptance.

a. SAEWA update. B. Police Advisory Committee minutes of the November 24 meeting. C. A letter from the Mayor of Ponoka to Minister Copping re: Volunteer Fire Department.

An “Agreement by and between the parties comprising Marigold Library System” was presented to Council. It was the amending or clarifying the role of the Town and Marigold outlining coverage for the Trochu Library. Briefly it is that the Marigold System covers the collection and the Town covers the building and furnishings. This was accepted as presented.

The last item of business before going into closed session was to receive and accept as presented, Policy number 2022-10-24-01 Being “Council and Employee Clothing Program”. This policy rescinds Policy # 2008-2502-01 which has been in effect since 2008.

The item for closed session was designated: “a) Legal item: Land Lease (FOIP Section 16)”.