Kneehill County Council Minutes - September 11, 2012

Present: Div. 5 - Bob Long, Reeve; Div. 1 - Brian Holsworth, Deputy Reeve; Councillors: Div. 2 - Carol Calhoun, Div. 3 - Jerry Wittstock, Div. 4 - Glen Keiver, Div. 6 - Ken Hoppins, Div. 7 - Bobby Painter.
ADMINISTRATION PRESENT: CAO Kevin Miner; Assistant CAO Laurie Watt; Recording Secretary Carolyn Van der Kuil.
Reeve Long called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.
Withdrawn from Agenda: Drumheller & District Solid Waste Association.
Additions to the Agenda: Kneehill Medical Clinic, Community Futures Wildrose, Canadian Badlands Ltd.
Clr. Wittstock moved approval of the agenda as amended. CARRIED
Clr. Calhoun moved approval of the August 28, 2012 Council Meeting Minutes as presented. CARRIED
Clr. Hoppins moved that Council receive the July 2012 Bank Reconciliation as presented. CARRIED
Clr. Wittstock moved that Council authorize the attendance of Council to attend the Roles and Responsibilities Workshop being held in Acme, AB on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012. CARRIED
Council Meeting recessed from 8:38 a.m. to 8:55 a.m. for Council to take a look at the Reception area renovations.
John McKiernan, Environment Supervisor and Lawrie Ross, Road Maintenance supervisor were present when the meeting reconvened.
Clr. Carol Calhoun moved that Council direct administration to put together a renovation plan with the assistance of Driwall Excellence & Construction Inc. for the upstairs and downstairs entrance and reception areas to bring back to Council to assist them in developing a budget. CARRIED
Lawrie Ross and John McKiernan presented the Operations Report comprised of Transportation (Roads), Water and Miscellaneous updates. The following items were also addressed:
* Projected date for the Roadside mowing completion is October 31, 2012.
* Several intersections on gravel roads in Kneehill County are developing washboards. Roamer Graders are dealing with these presently and if there is a problem area rate payers are to call the County office to report it.
Clr. Holsworth moved that Council receive the Operations Summary report as presented. CARRIED
Water Modeling Application - Sunnyslope WAS - Isaac Olfert.
Clr. Calhoun moved that Council approves the connection recommendation as presented. CARRIED
Debi Moon, reporter for The Capital, entered the meeting at 9:20 a.m.
Clr. Hoppins moved that Council approve to make the Buffalo Jump Road safer by reducing the curve in the road by moving the road to the north which will require Kneehill County to purchase a 20 metre road right of way from the Provincial Government and to have power poles moved to accommodate the new road design. CARRIED
Clr. Painter moved that Council invite Tony Chelick Operations Manager for Alberta Transportation from the Hanna Office to Council. CARRIED
Lawrie Ross and John McKiernan left the meeting at 9:26 a.m.
The meeting recessed from 9:27 a.m. until 9:35 a.m.
Clr. Holsworth moved that Council approve Policy # 15-2 for Award Recognition and Congratulatory Presentations as presented, and delete policies #10-1, #10-4 and #10-10 from the policy manual. CARRIED
Clr. Hoppins moved that Council approve the September 2012 Community Grants to Non Profit Organizations funding allocations as per the recommendations of the Community Grants Committee. CARRIED
Council and Committee Reports
Kneehill Medical Clinic ñ Clr. Calhoun spoke on the Executive Summary from the August 21, 2012 meeting that Council reviewed.
Community Futures Wildrose - A written report was submitted by Reeve Long on the September 6, 2012 meeting.
Canadian Badlands - A written report was submitted by Reeve Long on the September 5, 2012 Board Meeting. There was a discussion at this meeting to work with the Special Areas and the towns of Oyen, Consort and Coronation to develop a program around native artifacts. This area has a high volume of intact native artifacts due to the fact a lot of the land has been undisturbed due to farming practices.
Discussion on Kneehill County Road signs. Council directed administration to bring to Council, at a future meeting, a report on all roads entering into Kneehill County and their current signage.
Clr. Calhoun moved that Council receive the Council and Committee Reports as presented. CARRIED
Clr. Wittstock moved that Council receive the Correspondence Report. CARRIED
Clr. Calhoun moved that Council receive the Business Pending and Summary reports. CARRIED
Clr. Hoppins moved that Council go into In-Camera at 10:01 a.m. CARRIED
Clr. Painter moved the meeting out of In-Camera at 11:06 a.m. CARRIED
The meeting adjourned at 11:07 a.m.