Victim Services and Three Hills RCMP present concerns to Council

Victim Services RCMP Council

Mayor Ray Wildeman called the January 9, 2023 regular meeting of Three Hills Town Council to order at 5:31pm.

Following the acceptance of the agenda as presented and the acceptance of the minutes of the meeting of December 12, 2022, as presented, Council welcomed Carolyn Kung, Program Manager Three Hills Victim Services, and Sgt. Jamie Day of the Three Hills RCMP detachment.

Council was given a heads-up that the Province of Alberta is introducing a complete Victim Services Unit redesign. There is concern that this move will result in rural areas not being provided with the service as it now stands.

The delegation asked Council to, “Just be Aware”, that change is in the wind. At present it’s not clear how the changes will impact the Three Hills detachment area due, in-part, to things changing almost weekly.

At present the RCMP have not been consulted, the fear is that the Alberta Government is rushing into it without being prepared.

Under the new design originally proposed for April 1, 2023 but now proposed for April 1, 2024, case workers may not be local to the area and the new board may not have local representation creating a gap in understanding of what is needed and what is available.

MLAs did lead a crime review but apparently the Alberta Government did not act on any of their recommendations put forward.

Under Bylaws Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw 1484-22 Councillor Code of Conduct.

Under New Business Council directed administration to prepare a letter of support for Kneehill Historical Museum and the Alberta Visitor Information Centre (AVIP), to accompany their application to the Community Facility Enhancement Program for grant funds. They would like to construct a “Connections Building” that would link the main museum to the agricultural shed featuring a theatre, a workshop and collection display space.

Concerning Council Policy 520 - Municipal Grants to Community groups, Council approved the amendments to the policy. Changes will be made public by January 31, 2023 using the newspaper, town website and Facebook page. Groups that received funding in 2022 will be notified of the amended reporting requirements.

Council went on to endorse the Kneehill Medical Services Retention and Recruitment Task Force annual report template.

Administration was then directed by Council to submit a request from the Dr. Reedyk Legacy Fund for a new aquatic wheelchair to be used at the Three Hills Aquatic Centre.

After extensive discussion, Council moved to endorse a policing letter submitted by the South Central Mayors group. The letter is addressed to Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. It concerns the proposed Alberta Provincial Police Service versus the RCMP as well as Alberta’s faltering court system.

The next two items concerned discussions on pathway snow removal and a request for April ice usage. Both items will be brought back to Council for further consideration.

Due to the Christmas holidays there was very little to report from Councillor and Mayor’s reports, outside of attending a broadband meeting, Karen Nickel's farewell and the Three Hills Town Christmas Party. All reports were accepted as presented.

Two items of correspondence were accepted as information presented.

There was no closed session. Mayor Ray Wildeman adjourned the meeting at 7:48 pm.