Three Hills Town Council Report

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the regular August 14, 2023 meeting of Three Hills Town Council to order at 5:30 pm.

The August 14th agenda and the minutes of the July 10, 2023 meeting were approved as presented.

All members of council were present and there were no delegations at this meeting.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Ryan Leuzinger presented his monthly report.

Items included numerous personnel items, reviewing CUPE collective agreement, working on the pumphouse and water infrastructure and assisting with finance as Greg Towne, Director of Finance was on vacation.

He is now assisting with Community Services as Kristy Sidock is on vacation, participated in an RCMP ride-along, completed some performance evaluations and participated in some business visits with Community Futures Wildrose concerning staffing challenges.

Director of Finance Greg Towne reported on the upcoming 2024 Operating and Capital budget. Special meetings will be held in November and early December with budget approval scheduled before year-end.

Scott Harding has commenced his administrative clerk duties.

Other items included ongoing water and sewer financial modelling, assisted with departmental functions during position vacancy as well as dealt with Health and Safety committee items, etc.

Kristy Sidock is on vacation but provided her report.

Since the last report, there have been two building permits, three electrical, one plumbing, two gas and five development permits.

In the month of June, Three Hills Fire and Rescue responded to a total of 12 calls

A Fire Department Recruitment Drive will be held at a later date. Watch for details.

The arena staff are preparing for ice installation.

The Rob Naylor Splash Park is a popular spot with 480 users from July 17-23 with a total of 3,200 users since the beginning of the season.

Grant Gyurkovits, Director of Operations and Infrastructure, reported on ongoing hydrant maintenance, water valve exercising, manhole flushing and water service curb stop repairs being completed.

Clean-up continues after the hailstorm, 6th Street sidewalk replacements are ongoing with ATCO replacing the streetlight cable and conduit. The sidewalk has been replaced between 2nd and 3rd Ave along Hwy 583. Several sidewalk repairs have been done in the RCM Condo development using steel plating and welding non-slip screens to the surface.

The water distribution pumphouse design tender closes on August 17. Construction should be completed by June 2024.

Management reports were accepted as presented.

Under New Business Policy 370-A3 - Public Participation Policy was accepted as presented. Following review and editing the four-year review term was changed to three years to be consistent with other policies.

The Domestic Utility Relief Program Policy, referring to accidental high water bills creating customer hardship has been referred to the 2024 budget.

Council approved the implementation of a commercial recycling cart program. This is an optional program for commercial properties.

Council approved Special 2024 Budget meetings for Nov. 14, 2023, at 3:30 pm, Nov. 27, 2023, at 3:30 pm and Dec. 4, 2023 at 5:30 pm.

Council approved participation in the Regional Communities Rural Renewal Program. Local businesses can use this program to bring individuals into the community to assist with their labour and skill shortages.

With the summer season still upon us Council members had very little to report.

Councillor Miriam Kirk did visit the Red Deer Regional Hospital with Deputy County Reeve Ken King and Dr. Calhoun. They met a number of second-year medical students. Many showed interest in Three Hills.

Mayor Wildeman attended the RCMP Youth Camp Graduation, an FCSS meeting, judged a sidewalk art competition at IDA’s recent breakfast and attended a City of Red Deer Residual Management/Water treatment plant tour with other; members of the Red Deer River Municipal users group.

Council and Mayor’s reports were accepted as presented.

Correspondence was received from the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Elnora Eagles, Kneehill Regional FCSS, Kneehill Historical Society, Community Futures Wild Rose, Hillside Lanes, Seniors Outreach and Three Hills RCMP.

Council acknowledged receipt of the correspondence.

Council recessed from 7:34 pm to 7:40 pm moving into Closed Session at 7:40 pm to discuss storm/sewer outfall project and water rate modelling.

Council moved back into open session at 8:47 pm.

No motions resulted from the Closed Session.

Mayor Ray Wildeman adjourned the Regular Council meeting of August 14, 2023, at 8:48 pm.