Kneehill County Council Meets With Torrington Ag Society Delegation

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Kneehill County Reeve Jerry Wittstock called the Tuesday, August 22, 2023 meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Two additions to the agenda were made and the agenda was then accepted as amended.

Council approved the minutes of the July 25, 2023 meeting as presented.

Under Item 5.1.1 - Road Closure - undeveloped road allowance North of Ptn. NW 21-20-26 W4 Plan 931 0842 Block A, Council moved to approve and accept a value of $25,000 for approximately 4.29 +/- acres of the undeveloped road allowance north North Of Ptn NW 21-30-26 W4 Plan 931 0847 Block A. The undeveloped road allowance will never be developed in a road as Township Road 30-4 diverts around this parcel of land due to the uneven topography. The road was known as the Linden West Project when it was paved in 2003.

Council moved second and third reading of Bylaw 1856 to pursue the road closure and consolidation of the undeveloped road allowance north of Ptn NW 21-30-26 W4 Plan 931 0847 Block A (carried unanimously).

Under Bylaw 1889 - Land Use Bylaw 1808 Amendment, Council discussed delaying any changes due to the Provincial Government’s Moratorium on the future development of Renewable (wind and solar) Energy projects. With that in mind, Council Moved to defer this item to the November 21, 2023 Committee of the Whole meeting.

Under Protective Services Council approved the Fire Level of Service Policy #4-01 as presented. This is an inter-municipal agreement including Acme, Carbon, Linden, Three Hills and Trochu Fire Departments. Kneehill County is responsible for the implementation of this policy within the Torrington Fire Department as well.

Council appoints Kevin Gannon and Brandon Rempel as additional Deputy Directors of Emergency Management for Kneehill County.

Under Legislative Services Council approved a youth sponsorship of $500 to the Elnora Eagles U19B softball team.

Each year the Kneehill Regional Partnership formally asks for project and training ideas that member municipalities would like to put forward. Council has put forward (1) Regional Procurement, (2) Regional Staff Training and (3) Aerial Photography.

Council was provided with a list of questions and concerns gleaned from Division Four and Six - jointly and Division Five ratepayer meetings. The meetings were deemed to be productive and positive.

Council also accepted the invitation to meet with the Minister of Municipal Affairs at the 2023 Rural Municipalities Association (RMA) Fall Convention.

Council welcomed Alisa Kolenosky and Jeff Bauer, of the Torrington Ag Society as a delegation. They presented a detailed report on operating the Ron Gorr Memorial Arena in Torrington. Their request was for Council to increase the annual grant received from Kneehill County and to assist in providing a Zamboni for the upcoming ice season. Parts are no longer available to keep their present Zamboni running. Utility costs have also risen over 30%. Council would address this request later in the meeting.

Under Council Committee reports Deputy Reeve Ken King reported on attending a luncheon with first and second-year medical students from the Rural Resident stream. He attended with Dr. Calhoun and Three Hills Councillor Miriam Kirk. This group represented the Doctor Recruitment and Retention Committee.

Division Two Councillor Debbie Penner gave a brief report on the Drumheller and District Solid Waste Association. She indicated that income from recyclables was down, new litter screens had been installed and their strategic plan was in final review.

Reports were accepted as information. Council Action items were reviewed and accepted as presented.

Council went into Closed Session to discuss 11.1 - Third Party Business (FOIP - Section 16), 11.2 - Intergovernmental relations (FOIP - Section 21) and 11.3 - Third Party Business (FOIP - Section 16).

After coming back into Open Session, Council approved the provision of $30,000 annually to the Torrington Agricultural Society. In a separate motion Council agreed to provide $12,500 for the rental of a Zamboni for a five-month period from the Strategic Initiative Fund.

Reeve Wittstock adjourned the August 22, 2023 meeting of Kneehill County Council at 2:38 p.m.