$33,927.00 Approved For Trochu Outdoor Riding Arena Equipment Purchases

Trochu LOGO

With all Councillors present, Mayor Barry Kletke called the regular Town of Trochu Council meeting to order at 5:58.

The agenda was accepted as given. The minutes for the July 24 regular meeting were adopted as circulated.

Councillors were presented with an updated “Housekeeping” agenda.

Staff Reports

a) Grant & Economic Development Report given in chart form and received as presented.

b) Director of Operations Report.

This report gives in point form the activities or attention given in the following areas:

Arboretum: Supplied some gravel and assisted with posts at the front gate.

Arena and Pool: made the water slide have water! Preparing a small room for Seniors Outreach.

Garbage Collection: The transfer site on July 11 for residents to haul their own branches after the strong winds.

Parks and Boulevards: Weed spraying, pruning, mowing. Ongoing clean-up after the strong winds.

Public Works: Many areas of general maintenance.

Some demolition of a building with attention to asbestos air monitoring. (Well below allowable amounts,)

Water/Wastewater: Several areas received attention.

Campground: General maintenance.

Bylaw Enforcement: Made note of several “unsightly yards” for which Administration will send out letters.

Upcoming and Currently Working on…:

Requesting quotes from contractors and companies for budget preparation, and working out with contractors for crack filling.

Filling potholes, and replacing valves.

Administrator’s Report:

In written and oral reports updated several areas and meetings attended.

The demolition of 218 Main Street is completed. The Day Care facility is being worked on. An early fall occupancy is expected.

Councillor’s Reports:

a) Councillor Armstrong reported on his attendance at MPC meetings, the Drumheller Solid Waste meeting and the upcoming Wild Rose Community Futures luncheon on August 30 to honour “Youth Entrepreneur” Tyson Sailer.

b) Councillor Cunningham shared thoughts about the proposed Tool Library.

He also reported on a recent meeting of PAC.

c) Councillor De La Cruz brought the Councillors up to date on happenings on his front.

(The minutes of the Kneehill Medical Services Retention and Recruitment Task Force were presented at this time.)

d) Councillor Lyver attended a Marigold Library meeting in Strathmore.

e) Councillor Martel spoke of the upcoming joint fundraiser for the Arboretum and Library.

f) Deputy Mayor Reeds had nothing to report.

g) Mayor Kletke reported on the profitable gathering of Central Alberta Mayors and issues discussed there, especially concerns with interactions with AHS services and how they differ for rural municipalities.

There were eight items of correspondence to receive for information:

a) From the Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women, the acknowledgement that a grant application for the “Community Facility Enhancement Program” for $33,927. 00 has been approved. This will go toward equipment purchases for the Trochu Outdoor Riding Arena.

b) Trochu Senior’s Housing Society invitation to “Culture Day” activities.

c) Three Hills RCMP Amazing Race

d) Kneehill County Employee – Council Golf Tournament.

e) SAEWA AGM invitation. Deputy Mayor Reeds will attend.

f) A notification to have attendees at the ABmunis 2023 Convention prepared to vote on resolutions that will be presented.

g) CAEP Board Meeting notes.

h) Regional Exploration & Training -Member ideas.

The July 2023 Bank Reconciliation was presented and accepted as distributed.

Item 12 Under New Business

a) There was a report that a request had come for early installation of ice to facilitate earlier hockey practice.

Council approved that talks continue with “Rampage”.

Item b) The Council approved the giving of two passes to the pool as a contribution to a fundraiser basket for the arboretum and library.

At 7:18 PM, Mayor Kletke called a brief break before Council went into Closed Session to consider:

a) “Legal Item: Accounts Receivable Write-off (FOIP 17) and

b) “Land Item: Property Purchase Conditions (FOIP 16).