Kneehill County Council Report

At Kneehill County Council's April 12 meeting, they reviewed a request from a landowner whose property was until recently, included in the Phase 4 Sunnyslope water service area (WSA) and when a specific leg of the proposed service was dropped on March 29, 2011, this property was affected. The property owner was requesting the water for a residence there, but Council learned that this individual was not the current owner of the piece of land that actually had the residence. A letter would be sent advising that the most current owner would have to make the request to confirm that the residence has or will have dwellers. Further information would be required. Along this same topic, another individual has applied for water modeling in this WSA for business purposes, which could entail many cubic meters of water per day, well over the design capabilities of the system. "We know what he wants won't work; we are trying to get him answers. A solution to this issue would be needed to allow him to apply for a business license." Council agreed that this issue would require the approval of the Kneehill Regional Water Service Commission. A motion was made to have Operations approach the Regional Commission Board.
The tender for the Sunnyslope WSA distribution line was released on March 31 and closes April 28, 2011. The reservoir upgrades tender will be ready for release the first week of May. Land Services has estimated a 70% sign up at this time (including acreage and landowners).
Another couple of leaks have appeared from the pressure testing of the Selkirk WSA, Phase 3A. Barring any other difficulties, the system should be operation soon. The Kirkpatrick WSA is operational and although the pumps are working satisfactorily for now, they will be replaced once the new pumps arrive, (being re-built at no cost to the County).
Operations reported that the major phone calls being received are related to culvert and road washing out issues, and that graders are working the bad areas, trying to reduce rutting due to softness of the roads and hand-digging trenches and shoveling out culverts when needed. There is a 90% ban on gravel roads as of noon, April 1. Dirt/ black dirt trails are closed, allowing no movement.
Construction began on April 4 on the St. Ann's Ranch bridge, to be completed by April 8.
The sand/salt structure for the County has been completed. Coating for the concrete walls is on order, to be applied by County forces mid-April.
With the new County maintenance shop nearing completion, to include the relocation of Operations staff into the building, funding for the provision of furniture, appliances, shelving, signage and other related materials was approved for up to $65,200.
Council gave approval for Operations to include installation costs from the company supplying the playground structures for the hamlets of Wimborne, Huxley, and Swalwell. The cost will be $600 for each of the 3 installations but will eliminate any errors of installation and construction and will still allow the County to come in under the allotted budget amount. Funds for the playground equipment will come from the 2010 surplus.
Summer month Council meeting changes will result in the cancellation of July 12 and July 26 meetings, with July 19 the only scheduled meeting for July. The August 9 meeting will stay as is but the August 23 meeting will be changed to August 30. For Christmas, Council has cancelled the December 27 meeting and will keep December 13 as the only December meeting for 2011.