FCSS Presents Annual Kneehill Family Wellness Program Report

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Kneehill County Reeve Kenneth King called the Regular Council meeting of November 14 to order at 8:30 A.M.

All councillors were in attendance with Deputy Mayor Wittstock joining on video connection.

The agenda was approved as amended.

The minutes for the Organizational Meeting of October 24, and of the Regular meeting of the same date were approved as presented.


Under the General oversight of the FCSS, the Family Wellness Program has a wide-ranging service in Kneehill County.

Presenters: Yvonne Wilson and Keara McGhee put it this way in their 2022-2023 Annual report:

“The Kneehill Family Wellness Program was created August 1, 2020, by Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services, in partnership with Golden Hills School Division to provide year-round social and emotional supports to Kneehill area residents with a primary focus on children, youth and families.

The program is comprised of two Family Wellness Worker Positions, with offices located in all GHSD schools in the Kneehill area and the KRFCSS office in Three Hills.”

One of the pages in the report has the heading: “2022-2023 Trends” Reading between the lines as it were, might be illuminating if the reader hasn’t considered what kind of factors are shaping young people today.

01 — ANXIETY & STRESS: Anxiety and stress management continued to present as areas of difficulty for children, youth and families;

02 – COVID-19 PANDEMIC. The COVID-19 pandemic implications continued to contribute to stress, mental health, peer relationships and family/sibling conflict concerns.

03 — EMOTIONAL REGULATION. Challenges with self-regulation in young children had implications or peer relationships and attentiveness.

04 – SUICIDE IDEATION; 5 children and youth were supported in relation to suicide ideation, a decrease from 15 throughout 2921-2022 and 27 throughout 2020-2021.

05 – ABSENTEEISM. Varied degrees of school absenteeism continues to impact children and youth,

06 – COUNSELLING AVAILABILITY; No-Cost and/or subsidized online and/or in-person counselling supports have increasingly grown in options and availability and were a welcome option for individuals.”

STATS/NUMBERS (Also need to be read between the lines or beyond the box to grasp what these facts indicate as to how these services are reaching the community.

TOTAL CLIENTS: 77 – Single session one on one clients.

108 – Ongoing one-on-one clients.


Administration and Teachers – 154

Case (Multiple Service Providers) – 5

Outgoing references – 127.

Given as percentages of issues dealt with we have these figures:

38% – Child & Youth SINGLE SESSION - Anxiety /Stress Management.

30% – CHILD & YOUTH ONGOING - Anxiety /Stress Management.

40% – Adult SINGLE SESSION - Parental Strategies.

50% – ADULT ONGOING - Parenting Strategies.


Fire Mutual Aid Agreement with Wheatland County

That Council approves the Fire Mutual Aid Agreement between Wheatland County and Kneehill County, as presented.

We are continually updating our Mutual Aid agreements with our neighbouring Counties to ensure we have the documentation and processes in place should we require assistance to respond to an Emergency. If either party exceeds their own capacity to respond to an emergency, a request could be made through this agreement.

Our last agreement was from 2010, and no major changes were noted.

Item 6.1 with the simple title “Proposed Operating Budget was presented by Marika von Mirbach, Financial Planning Coordinator

And the motion passed “..That Council received the 2024 Proposed Operating Budget for information”

gives little indication of what the presentation entailed in its preparation and scope of information contained therein.

As headings the presentation had the following;

Core Operating Budget Overview

New Initiatives Review

Budget Overview and Next Steps

Under Core Budget there were “variances explanation” based on both expenditures and incomes.

Perhaps of special interest is what is involved in trying to guess trends, inflation, and grant funding and trying to accommodate these probabilities and unknowns.

It was this in-depth report that Council accepted with whatever additional information should be available that will be presented for the November 28 Council Meeting to formulate the budget before final acceptance.

Item 7.1 is the formality of setting the 2023 Christmas Closures.

In following the guidelines of the Human Resources Policy, Kneehill County will be closed Monday, December 25, 2023, through Tuesday, January 2, 2024, at 8:30 a.m. The Kneehill County transfer stations will remain open as usual, except for December 26, 2023, for the Boxing Day Statutory Holiday. On this day, Linden and Three Hills Transfer sites will be closed. The garbage collection schedule for Hamlets will remain unaffected, and it will continue on its regular collection days without any disruption.

Item 9.1 is the regular Councillor and Committee Reports.

Several Councillors reported on their attendance at the Rural Municipalities of Alberta conference held in Lethbridge. One of the highlights was the chance to meet with the Ministers and Govt. personnel and share concerns and be listened to. Also networking with other municipal councils and sharing common concerns.

Meeting with RCMP representatives was also a great opportunity.

The Council Follow-Up Action List, presented regularly allows the Councillors an easy way to review what projects have been completed, what is currently being worked on and proposed finish dates.

Council went into Closed Session to consider “Confidential Evaluations (FOIP Section 19).

No motions were forthcoming from the Closed Session and Council adjourned.