105-Year Old (Minus One Month) Has Drums On Her Bucket List

Anna Douglas and the Drums

Mrs. Anna Douglas, resident of Three Hills since 1964, has always wanted to play the big drum set at church. This was on her bucket list. So, her children made arrangements with Prairie Tabernacle to take her up one Friday afternoon after everyone had left—so nobody would hear!—and let her loose on the drums. Her son accompanied her on the grand piano. Not knowing what to do, she just whacked at the various drums and cymbals at random—often not in the proper rhythm—but the main thing was she had a blast. When asked, “Are you tired, Mum? Do you want to go home now?” “NO!!! Let’s do another!” was her repeated reply. It gave her so much pleasure and was very entertaining to watch.

Two of her “renditions” were played by video during the Morning Worship Service last Sunday at the Tab in honour of her 105th birthday (November 28). A piece of cake was given to each attendee as they left.

Interestingly enough, Anna was born two weeks after the armistice was signed ending World War II. She may well be Three Hills’ oldest resident.