Crowfoot Riding Candidate Profiles

The last week before the federal election is upon us, and the last two candidate's profiles are featured here in The Capital. John C. Turner is an Independent for the Crowfoot riding, and Gerard Groenendijk represents the Christian Heritage Party.
John C. Turner - Independent
At 55 years old John has done a lot in his life. He grew up in a military family, and moved around Canada often, which provided him with experience and knowledge about Canada and the different people who live in our nation. As a teenager while living in what was known at the time to be West Germany, John experienced for the first time what other people from another country thought about Canada. John's interest in travel, adventure, and languages led him to the military where he was a dedicated and excellent leader as an Infantry soldier and a Paratrooper from age 17 to 27.
His leadership skills became evident in his other occupations and business ventures. Apart from his extensive military and personal travel in Canada, John also traveled, for work and interest, in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, every country in what is referred to as Western Europe, some countries in Eastern Europe, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Morocco. This gave him an opportunity to speak with people and find out how they viewed Canada as a country and Canadians as a people. From the time John joined the military until now, he has maintained contact with his many friends across Canada and throughout the world, therefore continuing to gain insight into national and world affairs from various perspectives.
John and his lady friend Angie reside in the quiet village of Munson, Alberta.
Information provided by John C. Turner's website.
Gerard Groenendijk - Christian Heritage Party
Age: 30.
Occupation: Elementary school teacher.
Residence: Coalhurst.
Family: Married with son and daughter.
Gerard Groenendijk said he chose to represent the Christian Heritage Party in the federal election race because he believes it offers an alternative that is not covered by the existing parties. He believes an important issue facing the country is the state of its finances.
One of the party's platform planks is the introduction of a fair tax, which is described by the party as a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income taxes with a progressive national retail sales tax. The measure ensures that people only pay tax on new goods and services, not on what they earn.
Photo courtesy of the Red Deer Advocate.