Andrew Toliver Celebrates 20 Years As A Valued Employee

Andrew Toliver

Art Luijkx, the original owner/operator of Three Hills IGA had always been very generous in his support of Rehoboth Christian Ministries. When his son, Brad Luijkx and his business partner, Chris Penner took over IGA in 1997, that generosity continued. At that time, supported employment was a fairly new concept for many employers, however, Brad and Chris hired Andrew in 2004 and welcomed him, and his support staff from Rehoboth Christian Ministries to their team, with enthusiasm.

Andrew began his journey at IGA by stocking the dairy products and continues to do so today. He has also done many grocery deliveries to seniors in our community over the years.

Anyone who knows Andrew knows that he has unwavering faith and is a prayer warrior with a servant’s heart. For Andrew, his work is more than just a paycheque, it is a ministry. Staff working alongside Andrew often overhear him praying while he works. If Andrew has ever greeted you while on his shift, rest assured that you were lifted up in prayer afterwards, along with many other community members who were on his heart that day.

Andrew has a community awareness like no other and an innate ability to see a need and offer a helping hand and it has shown in his work. Andrew will often offer to carry out a customer’s groceries without being asked, because he remembers that they are recovering from an illness or injury or maybe having some mobility difficulties. Staff who have worked alongside Andrew have often marvelled at his ability to help others while still respecting their dignity.

Andrew takes great pride in his work and is diligent in checking dates, making sure stock is properly rotated to avoid food waste. At nearly 64 years young, he is still unloading pallets of dairy shipments, organizing the back cooler, making sure the front dairy displays are stocked up, while also remembering to frequently round up carts and greeting all customers with his joyful smile.

When asked if he has any plans to retire, he states “I’m only 64 this year, I think I should work another five years or so, if The Good Lord allows it”

Andrew’s current employer, Justin Andrews, has stated that “Andrew continues to be a valued member of the team and he appreciates his hard work and the joyful customer service he provides.” The current Grocery Manager, Jay Fletcher, always takes time to show his appreciation for Andrew and has been incredible at encouraging him and offering him opportunities to learn new skills.

See the Classified Ad in this week’s issue of The Capital for all the details for Andrew’s celebration.