Prairie College Looks To The Future With ‘Campaign For Greater Impact’

Prairie College

Three Hills Town Council welcomed a delegation from Prairie College to their March 11, 2024, regular meeting.

Presenters were President Mark Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer - Dr. Mark A. Jonah and Managing Director of Operations - Andrew Siggelkow, P. Eng.

In this update, President Maxwell indicated that 480 students have been served in the past year. 250 of these students are on campus, about 50 students are registered through the prison program and the rest are online students.

Annual revenue has increased to $11.2 million versus $7.5 million.

Recent results from a Best Christian Workplace Survey see Prairie College achieving one of the best scores they have ever seen.

Strategic initiatives included enrollment growth, an ongoing capital campaign and their application to offer a Bachelor of Education program.

Dr. Mark Jonah presented the Bachelor of Education update.

The original application submission was made in March 2022. An organizational review site visit was made in November 2023. The current status deals with conditions and recommendations.

Council viewed slides showing aging infrastructure from the aged steam tunnels and sidewalks to outdated and oversized facilities.

Prairie has introduced a ‘Campaign for Greater Impact’ that would include expansion to the Aviation Training Centre which will double their capacity and enable them to double their student population. Work on that expansion will begin this year.

The campaign that could surpass $100 million in improvements will see the construction of new residences to house 220 students. The existing residence will be demolished.

The existing cafeteria will become a new auditorium providing seating for about 900.

A new cafeteria and concourse will be constructed to seat about 250 students.

Funds will also be channelled toward scholarships, innovative technology and program development.

The existing Davidson Apartment building, for married students, is now being reclad.

So, quite clearly, work has begun and will be ongoing until Prairie College has achieved its goals in rebuilding and growing for the future.

To learn more about Prairie’s Campaign for Greater Impact call 403-443-5511 or go to