Town Receives Affiliate Recognition Award

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the regular meeting of Three Hills Town Council for Monday, May 27, 2024, to order at 5:30 pm.

Acceptance of the agenda was accepted as amended with the addition of Item 8.2 - Special Meeting of Council.

Minutes from the Regular meeting of May 13, 2024, were accepted as presented.

All members of Council were present at this meeting.

Council participated in a virtual presentation of Varme Energy. Waste Manager Sair Hamid conducted the presentation.

Participation in a project of this nature would, potentially, enable Three Hills to divert municipal solid waste from the landfill. It would eliminate future costs associated with landfill operations, compliance, expansion and monitoring. There would be a reduction in landfill methane emissions and an overall reduction in Three Hills municipal emissions.

An Innisfail plant should be operational by 2028/2029.

CAO Ryan Leuzinger reported on dealing with various personnel items. He has continued work with the Rural Renewal Stream and continues work with our Assessment Appeal Review.

Work continues on the Water Conservation Initiative Review. Researching the history of past Council’s decision to go from seven Council members to five was done. Extensive research was done on the Legislative impacts of potential changes to the number of Councillors and the method used to elect the Mayor. Multiple discussions have been held with Artis Exploration regarding waste effluent usage. The residual management facility project also saw multiple discussions with the engineer and provincial entities. Work was also done on organizing an educational session on Mental Health on behalf of the Kneehill Regional Partnership.

Greg Towne, Director of Finance, reported that the 2024 Combined Assessment and Tax Bills were issued and mailed on May 23. Tax bills are due no later than Tuesday, July 2 this year.

Kathy Patey has been hired to fill the vacant administrative clerk position at the front counter.

Benefits and payroll transition are generally complete. Year-end work is still ongoing. Other items include reviewing 2024 assessment data before tax bill preparation, various insurance, legal and benefits items, new staff training, evaluating a copier RFP, health and safety committee items and other financial duties.

Community Services Director Kristy Sidock reported that two developments, one electrical and one gas permit were issued in April. April saw Three Hills Fire and Rescue respond to seven calls. Three were medical assists, two were outdoor fires, one was a vehicle fire and one was a motor vehicle crash.

Newly appointed Three Hills Fire Chief Murray Fenton received the Alberta Emergency Services medal.

The delivery date of the new fire truck has been pushed back to the end of June or early July.

Arena roof inspection is set to take place. The warm brine pump (arena) has been repaired. Staff are busy doing repairs and replacements of items at the arena during rainy days.

Staff have been busy at Anderson Park.

The Town of Three Hills was presented with an affiliate recognition award at the Lifesaving Society Annual General Meeting and Branch Recognition Awards.

The Rob Naylor Splash Park is now in full operation for the season.

Mayor Ray Wildeman visited the 2024 recipients of the Municipal Grants to Community Groups to offer congratulations.

Grant Gyurkovits, Director of Operations and Infrastructure reported there are three concrete bases that air handling units sit on outside the water treatment plant exterior walls. They are sinking and need to be assessed to stop this movement. Franchesca Aybar started May 21 as a Utility Operator trainee. SCADA upgrades with JPI are complete. A leak at the campground has been repaired. A new chemical injection point has been installed at the water treatment plant. This will provide longer contact time to help oxidize out certain compounds. Line painting was done. Pothole repair is ongoing. The winter sander was sent in for minor repairs. Cemetery clean-up is completed. The water distribution pump house structural iron was inspected on May 21 with outside walls, insulation and interior walls to be completed next. Building completion is scheduled for mid-August 2024.

The current landfill cell air space should have room until mid-2025.

The 2024 Water Main Replacement program is ongoing with asphalt removal started May 9 on the First Street cul-de-sac. Water main and the sanitary collection system have been completed with all new services. Asphalt removal and coring out the road between 6th and 7th Ave on 1st St NE commenced on May 22.

Item 6.1 dealt with the selection of Myor processes. Council directed administration to bring back a Public Participation Plan to host a Town Hall meeting in September 2024 for the selection of the Mayor process.

Bylaw No. 1497-24 Water Conservation Bylaw, it was noted that due to higher than average rainfall Dixon Dam is at 65% capacity. Therefore water sharing is not required at this time.

Under Item 8.1 - Demolition Waste - Landfill Restriction - Council accepted the information as presented. Demolition waste materials are now limited from non-residents and businesses from outside of town boundaries. Check the Town website on accepted demolition waste.

Item 8.2 resulted in Council calling a Special Meeting of Council on June 17, 2024 at 4 pm.

Under Council Reports - Clr Dennis Hazelton attended a CAEP Conference in Red Deer where Premier Smith and MLA Nathan Cooper were in attendance.

Clr Kirk attended a library board meeting. The library requires a part-time worker.

Deputy Mayor Byrne Lammle attended grad and a chamber of commerce meeting. He also attended the CAEP event and helped with flower basket installation.

Clr. Marilyn Sept attended an FCSS meeting. The focus was on the Kneehill Community Support Coach Program.

Council reports were accepted as presented.

Mayor Ray Wildeman attended Three Hills graduation, a May 6th Municipal User Group meeting, a physician meeting and a farewell event for Three Hills Victim Services Director Carolyn Kung. The Mayor’s report was accepted as presented.

Correspondence was received from Three Hills School, Damien Kurek MP and Tyler Gandam - Alberta Municipalities.

Council moved to direct administration to send a letter, provided, to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and cc Damien Kurek, MP. The letter is concerning the Carbon Tax.

Council acknowledged receipt of the correspondence.

Council recessed at 7:30 pm and returned at 7:35 pm.

Council entered Closed Session at 7:35 pm to discuss Artis Exploration.

Council came out of Closed at 7:51 pm. There were no motions as a result of closed.

Mayor Ray Wildeman adjourned the Regular Council Meeting of May 27, 2024, at 7:52 pm.