Axe The Tax: One Tractor Cavalcade

Mark Kihn Axe The Tax

Strankman Farms, Altario helped sponsor a modest “Axe the Tax” campaign. The “one tractor cavalcade” travelled along the Yellowhead Highway from Russell, Man. to Sherwood Park, Alta. on a trailer with a few signs attached.

Rick Strankman, who hatched the initiative, said “It was too good an opportunity to pass up.”

The 1960 Ford 4000 tractor, was a grandpa’s inheritance bequest to a friend of Rick’s, Mark Kihn of Calgary.

Mark had driven the tractor haying as a teenager in the late 1970s with his Uncle Wilhelm who farmed with Grandpa Gustav. Wilhelm stored the 4000 in the shed for years. Mark’s salary was $1.50 per hour for 10-hour days.

While the Federal Conservative Party supports Axe the Tax, Man. MP Dan Mazier was unable to attend the debut in Russell.

Two days later, the tractor had a new home on a Sherwood Park honey farm. And Rick Strankman had mild satisfaction as working to deflate the Federal Liberals unwanted Carbon Tax.

‘More people need to push back,” suggested Strankman. Even the Federal NDP changed their minds and do not want it”.

Retired MP Arthur Hanger (Calgary NE), (a Three Hills Farmboy) also pitched in to help fund the modest cavalcade. “We just don’t need more taxes,” he commented.