Carbon Bottle Drive Raises Funds for Japan



My name is Eliza Lawrence. I am 11 years old, in Grade 6 and I live in Carbon, Alberta. I want to tell you about a service project I recently did.
One night when I was watching the news about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, I felt really bad for the people there and all the damage that was done. So many people lost their homes, families and much, much more. Even a few weeks later, thousands of people still didn't have any power. I knew that I should find a way to help the people in Japan. I came up with the idea to collect bottles and cans in my town and donate the money to Japan. At first, I was hoping to raise at least $30.00. I went around after school each day looking for cans and went with my family to collect cans in the ditches along the highway. Some of the teachers at my school brought me their cans and pretty soon I had $102.00.
When Brian and Andrea, the owners of the Carbon bottle depot heard what I was doing, they offered to sponsor a bottle drive for me. Flyers were sent around the community and the Drumheller radio station called and interviewed me about what I was doing and why I wanted to do it. I got my friends and family together one afternoon to help. Some people didn't have any cans, but they still wanted to help, so they gave me money. One lady even donated $100.00. We collected a lot of cans and bottles.
In the end, I raised $725.00 for the people in Japan. I was so amazed about how much money one person like me could raise. It felt so good to be able to help people in need. I took the money to church this month and donated it to the Humanitarian Fund for the Japan Relief Efforts.