Guzoo Is Back In Business



Lynn Gustafson, Three Hills Guzoo owner, proudly holds a "Come in, we're OPEN" sign at Guzoo Animal Farm, indicating that the zoo is once again open to the public.
The good-news phone call from his lawyer came just before lunch on July 5, said Lynn. He said a discussion between his lawyer and the ministry responsible for regulating the zoo, the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development's lawyer, resulted in the re-opening.
The Guzoo was granted a stay on the conditions of not being open/getting rid of the animals. Earlier this year, Nic Burgess, photo manipulation artist, posted photos of Guzoo animals on social media website Facebook. This then sparked an investigation by the Alberta SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and Guzoo was later decommissioned. Lynn said he is still confused why they chose to shut it down in the first place, and is anxiously waiting to hear the answer, which he hopes he will get when he attends the judicial review in the fall.
An excerpt from the lawyers report reads, "The Applicant Kneehill Animal Control and Rehabilitation Center Ltd. ("The Applicant") shall be permitted to operate its facility known as Guzoo at Three Hills, AB, pending the outcome of its Originating Application, and subject to the provisions of this order." This surely is the best information Lynn, his family, and supporters have heard in awhile regarding this issue.
The Facebook group "For those who support Guzoo," has been keeping the public informed on the status of the animal farm, and around 1:00 pm July 5, an update reading "Congratulations to our supporters, we did it, Guzoo is open! Lets keep up the good work," was posted.
Lynn expressed gratitude to all the people who have helped through this, and thanks them for "their monetary and moral support."
He went on to say "If it hadn't have been for all the support, we wouldn't have fought like we did. When people show they appreciate it, it makes you want to fight more."